Bonus Nth Metal Week

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Mepps, Nov 18, 2020.

  1. Reinheld Devoted Player

    "totally free"...but in the broker? By definition, anything in the broker is NOT totally would cost $1 at a minium. Nth metal caches are generally more than $1 too.

    Unless you are which case....Ha?

    Yes, a way to get seals would be good. Not really a 'bonus' week though as it would be a 100% change to how we get them now, which is NOT via drops in any way.
  2. Reinheld Devoted Player

    Woo hoo....good thing I did NOT run the vault then. Lost out on the extra stabilizer Nth, but ran it anyway for a extra day of 5x stabilizers after reset.
  3. HurricaneErrl Dedicated Player

    Im not getting double nth metal on almost a 3rd of my drops. So far there has been 2 times where my caches weren't doubled. Also a few times when I get multiple types of nth metal at once at least one of them isn't doubled. I know sometimes marks and stuff don't show up on screen but we are still rewarded, so I took a screenshot of my nth metal so I could make sure. And I'm not getting double on a lot of my drops. Mostly seems to be extracted nth metal that isnt doubling, but I've also had a couple caches that weren't doubled as well
  4. NanananananananaBatman New Player

    Yeah , or at least the PC players that were forced out of logging in because of the server error would get granted the 3 or so they all got cheated out of.... Anyway, personally Nth metal has seemed like a huge hassle with my super limited inventory , doesn't seem to work on artifacts the way it used to a few months ago something I'm constantly deleting, but it probably has its appeal to those serious about their artifacts so to those enjoying this week , have a good one . That being said - was wondering if the next week or even weekend could be quark vendor discount or something , would go really well with the Black Friday theme , and the fact people probably got more quarks than usual last week(when they were finally able to login and play that is :p ) just saying.... Anyone else concur ?
  5. Gundraasi Active Player

    If you are referring to the double artifact XP week then you assume mistakenly that we get 2x XP regularly. It has been a bonus week. Double artifact XP is rarely given to us and only for a limited time (used to be a weekend but now thankfully a whole week...)

  6. valiant Villian Active Player

    I don't need Nth metal. All my artifacts are parked just below the breakthrough. What I need is a special on catalysts and a sale on Seals.
  7. Reinheld Devoted Player

    Keep fingers crossed for a sale on seals either next week Friday or the Monday after. cats? Maybe if it's a 'everything XX' sale. Not sure we've ever seen them on sale individually.
  8. NanananananananaBatman New Player

    No , referring to the fact that my artifacts from other episodes can't use the general Nth-Metal to upgrade it anymore and its been relegated to specific "catalysts" whereas before i could plug all of them at least somewhere like origin augments and at least use it somewhat and now its just deletion fodder , tbh not sure of the precise nomenclature as it's not something i've bothered with for a while as I'm something of a filthy casual :p. It's never been a mechanic I've enjoyed and wish there was an option to block it from my inventory entirely as all the different types can eat up 1/4 to 1/3 of the whole thing.... Anyway , I'm new this year , was wondering are quark vendor sales likely to show up anytime soon ?
  9. Reinheld Devoted Player

    I see someone scooped up my suggested Batman name. Good stuff. sounds like you are referring to the adaptive mods (head augs). Yes, Nth was pulled from use on these as well as using other exos from older DLCs. Not a fan of the change on the exos, but it would be foolish to use Nth on Augs. A mountain of Nth metal doesn't add up to very much on a augment as the new exos are 10's of 1000s vs some Nth being 10s and 100s. You do you, but even if you could use Nth...I personally wouldn't. Nth for artis. I get that it eats up inventory space, but worst case, feed it to some junk artis you don't need and later you can feed those artis to one you really want. Unless you are 100% pulling out of the arti game (I respect that) in which case...yeah, delete.

    Quark sale has come around 2 times...I think in the last year, or maybe 18 months. Don't figure on it coming around more than 2 times a year max.
  10. NanananananananaBatman New Player

    Regarding the name , just the old 60's theme song enunciated although if your alleged suggested name had the same quantity of Na's , makes me feel as though my calculations were correct !

    Yeah it might be like the other fellow said and mine are all near first breakthrough level and they don't work on augs so they seem completely useless, and but honestly they really don't interest me in general and Nth Metal has always seemed like a giant annoyance, so deleting ,- There's no way to block them from my inventory right ?

    And darn, was hoping the quark sale was near the release of every DLC or some time within that's the pattern i thought i noticed with BOP and WV at least, would have enough if I'd gotten all my stabilizers/capsules last week... are you sure they never do one around this time of year or with a new DLC (Also, it's been a crazy year and it seems they've done lots of neat stuff they haven't in the past too..but yeah if you've been playing a while you'd know better) ) ?
  11. Reinheld Devoted Player

    You could do a search in announcements to verify, but I think we've only had 2 and they were NOT at a particular time such as just before/after a DLC or before/after a mega cap. They also only came up in the last 18 months or so...again, to my recollection, so 2 times doesn't really establish a pattern anyway. We'll see if we get another...maybe around Jan Anniversary time.

    And was my suggestion a few months ago, sept 23 to be exact. about a month and 1/2 before your account was set up.

    Even the same number of NaNas...8. Quite the co-inky-dink...huh?
  12. NanananananananaBatman New Player

    Darnit , might have to splurge on that overpriced emblem and hold off on the costume pieces for later T_T.... (This Batman is missing an emblem.... just don't want buyers remorse if it comes up soon and i could've had all of them for what i've got now.... waiting is irritating too.... this is how they get you lol ....), so black friday they dont usually do in-game discounts so much as marketplace huh ? And yeah indeed, great minds think or count alike ,there's some other guy in there with more Na's but we both think 8's a good number , it was awkward making the name trying to count the Na's .... so either that was the count or the max character limit XP.

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