Bonus Marks of Victory Month! January 11-31, 2018

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    Bonus Marks of Victory!

    Keep celebrating the DCUO anniversary on your main characters, alt characters, and new characters, because we have bonus Marks of Victory running for the rest of January! That means you will get double Marks of Victory in all On Duty content in all Episodes (Episodes 1-30). This is a prime opportunity to get yourself leveled up to the most recent Episodes, complete those style feats, and bank some marks for the future.

    This MONTH – from Thursday, January 11, 2018, through Wednesday, January 31, 2018 – all players will receive bonus Marks of Victory in Episodic On Duty instances. Marks of Victory are used primarily for unlocking gear in all but the most recent Episodes.
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  2. lukket4334 New Player

  3. JusticeTitanHolic Committed Player

    Good I will finish so many styles! This is so awesome!
  4. >>>KIra<<< Well-Known Player

  5. myandria Committed Player

    It would be SWEEEETER if the bonus marks were given across the game.
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  6. NoahMe New Player

    Mepps help me get back in game. Your team tough im harras u but im feel thats not fair. Im never was jerk like the others. If my memories not fail my last comment was about power update. When im wrote that im was so frustrate bcuz everyday when im logged in and wanted to enjoy the stay but i cant bcuz after every pvp matches calld me loser trash and other disqustin words. So i was so dissapointed. Maybe my words was too strong but geez man im sorry bot that. Now i m see thats not was a fair step from me. So can we make a new start. Let my account back please.
  7. WesPypes3679 Well-Known Player

    So...I noticed I am cr228, I ran US And JFA today and no bonus MoV. Did I miss something? Hadnt been on the forums alot the last 2 days. Didnt know if my CR was too high or what.
  8. spack2k Devoted Player

    u no longer get MoV even from Zoo if ur cr228
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  9. WesPypes3679 Well-Known Player

    Good to know
  10. Luthor31 Level 30

    Okay, after rereading the initial post, I get why I wasn't getting Double Marks of Valor; it's only the ON DUTY content, not the open world Side Quests.

    Lesson: Pay attention to the Details when reading these announcements.
  11. KHALONofOGUN Devoted Player

    Marks of Valor are PvP marks, Victory is for PvE. ;)
  12. Sun New Player

    How does a new forum account send a private message to Mepps?

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