Bonus Marks of Victory Month! January 11-31, 2018

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Mepps, Jan 11, 2018.

  1. Mepps Sr. Community Manager


    Bonus Marks of Victory!

    Keep celebrating the DCUO anniversary on your main characters, alt characters, and new characters, because we have bonus Marks of Victory running for the rest of January! That means you will get double Marks of Victory in all On Duty content in all Episodes (Episodes 1-30). This is a prime opportunity to get yourself leveled up to the most recent Episodes, complete those style feats, and bank some marks for the future.

    This MONTH – from Thursday, January 11, 2018, through Wednesday, January 31, 2018 – all players will receive bonus Marks of Victory in Episodic On Duty instances. Marks of Victory are used primarily for unlocking gear in all but the most recent Episodes.
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  2. lukket4334 New Player

  3. SkyyRin Dedicated Player

    Good I will finish so many styles! This is so awesome!
  4. >>>KIra<<< Committed Player

  5. myandria Committed Player

    It would be SWEEEETER if the bonus marks were given across the game.
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  6. WesPypes3679 Committed Player

    So...I noticed I am cr228, I ran US And JFA today and no bonus MoV. Did I miss something? Hadnt been on the forums alot the last 2 days. Didnt know if my CR was too high or what.
  7. spack2k Devoted Player

    u no longer get MoV even from Zoo if ur cr228
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  8. WesPypes3679 Committed Player

    Good to know
  9. Luthor31 Level 30

    Okay, after rereading the initial post, I get why I wasn't getting Double Marks of Valor; it's only the ON DUTY content, not the open world Side Quests.

    Lesson: Pay attention to the Details when reading these announcements.
  10. KHALONofOGUN Devoted Player

    Marks of Valor are PvP marks, Victory is for PvE. ;)
  11. Sun New Player

    How does a new forum account send a private message to Mepps?
  12. Jack T. Chance Dedicated Player

    Any chance someone could post a complete list of the ACTUAL names of the On Duty missions that are giving Double Marks? I'd like to know which ones to play with characters that need a lot of Marks to buy styles I need for them, but I don't know the names of the appropriate missions off the top of my head.
  13. StealthBlue Dedicated Player

    If it's an On Duty mission that you get marks from within relevancy, you get double MoV. Simple as that. So just run the missions that are relevant to this characters. The extra Mark in the loot table did not appear to be doubled when I ran some lower level raids.
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  14. mrcheap New Player


    I have run some and gotten none. I have run some and gotten one (was the normal award half a mark?). You don't get anything extra for doing your class missions, I think event missions, tutorials, side quests etc. No offence to the people in charge of this game but this is a hugely underwhelming 'event' !

    2017 you get two instant level CR100 characters. Amazing and awesome!
    2018 you get some extra marks for some things but it is hard to tell what or even if it is actually working at all. lol
  15. bigbadron alt Committed Player

    No, only missions available from the "On Duty" tab that are within your relevancy window. So none of those things you mentioned above would fit that description, which would be why you didn't get anything extra for them. As someone who has run stuff from the "On Duty" tab, I'm making good use of the extra marks.

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