Bonus Artifact XP!

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Mepps, Mar 22, 2023.

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    I don't see that line in this thread, but it seems to appear on DCUO news page. That line was used in an announcement of double artifact XP week in September last year, when indeed both bonuses ran concurrently. And often when a regular announcement is made, it is copied and pasted from the previous time it was posted, only with dates changed (though sometimes even that's forgotten until someone points it out). So I'm guessing someone forgot to remove the line about double Nth Metal drops and no one noticed until now. Well spotted. :)
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    Well - It was on here: Bonus Artifact XP! | DC Universe Online But now it is gone. Looks like they updated it.

    I copied the test I posted this morning, now it is just the XP! :)
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    Yeah, TheLorax replied with the article the other day. I saw it there. Guess I was assuming you were seeing it in THIS thread here, which I did not.

    Long story short....always proofread what you copy/pasted from some other article/post. Looking at you devs....;)
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