Not A Bug Black Neon Chroma Style 1 broken?

Discussion in 'Resolved' started by Deus Ex Machina, Nov 19, 2019.

  1. Deus Ex Machina Committed Player

    Easy to reproduce. The bright Neon part of Black Neon Chroma 1 only applies the Neon part of the Chroma on the shoulders and Waist exclusively. Is this intended?

    Edit: It's all 3 Black Neon Chromas, just tested it. The neon portion only applies to shoulder and waist. Hopefully not intended...
  2. Brother Allen Loyal Player

    I have the black Chroma and the neon works for me on all pieces of gear. However, I will say that some styles have a little duller neon glow than others which is odd.
  3. Deus Ex Machina Committed Player

    Could you post a picture of the neon part of the material displaying on all pieces of gear? When I get home I'll get a screenshot of what I'm seeing as well.
  4. Brother Allen Loyal Player

    Apologies on the delay. Just saw this message. I threw this style together real quick just to show the glow on all pieces.
  5. Deus Ex Machina Committed Player

    Thank you for the post. I had no idea that the neon part was tintable.
  6. Midnight Man8 Level 30

    Urmm, since you guys are the chosen by the Neons to own them... can you tint all of the color of the mat to all black and post screenshot here to show how they look like. I want to see if they can be use as Void mat or not? Thank you
  7. Deus Ex Machina Committed Player

    No you cannot. Only the 'Neon' part which is the part that is red in the screenshot above. The black part of the material is non tintable and is not entirely black. It's similar to the Dark Metal Material in terms of shade.