Best Weapons?

Discussion in 'Powers, Weapons, and Movement' started by Force of Nature, Apr 5, 2013.

  1. Force of Nature New Player

    Just curious to see what the best weapons are give me a 1. Melee and 2. Ranged

    Thanks :D
  2. True Despair New Player

    dual weild/martial arts/one handed and bow
  3. JasonGLknight New Player

    it also depends on if ur pve or pvp imho.. me im both pvp and pve. also on your play style and what you like. Me i like brawling and rifle..

    Brawling makes for awesome solid combos for close range.. And Rifle has the strongest single triangle attack of all the weapons and its an AOE.. But I pvp alot and im pretty decent pvping with rifle.. but im hard light so my playstyle is different than yours may be.

    Another example of playstyle.. when i was strictly pve i used Hand blasters alot because pulse beam combo's extremely high.. extremely fast. allowing me to regenerate power faster to give to the group as a troll..

    Think about your role.. your power.. do you need combos.. do you need damage. Also whats in your inventory?? Do you have a 131?? is it time to respec your skill points so u can be effective with it?? I think these are valid questions you should ask yourself and find the weapon thats right for you. Good luck..:D
  4. recespieces31 New Player

    Best Melee weapon: a weapon that causes damage
    Best Ranged weapon: a weapon that causes damage
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  5. ronnienas New Player

    1. Martial arts
    2. rifle
  6. Delta795 New Player

    Every weapon can be great or total crap, depending on your role, your playsyle & what you are wanting to accomplish. For HL trolling I prefer HB, as someone else stated I use it to regen power back, when in HL DPS I prefer rifle. On my fire alt, I was using 1-hand and just didn't like it...tried DW same result, but for some reason the staff works great for me.

    Don't use something cause it's the FOTM or someone else is good with it, try out a bunch of em and see what works for you.;)
  7. Force of Nature New Player

    1. Martial Arts / Staff
    2. Bow

    Just saying mine, :D
  8. CheckmateEnjoi New Player

    1. Martial Arts/One Handed/Dual Wield
    2. Bow/Rifle
  9. Meta Flare New Player

    1. shield/staff
    2. bow/hb

    i use hb on my main fire dps.
  10. Gunny New Player

    1. One-handed. Easy combos (tap-x times, 1 hold), you have a weak but quick combo (spin chop), a 4-hit combo that hits up to 4 targets in a cone not splitting damage (flurry), and a strong single-target combo (the 4-tap hold combo....dont remember the name. Flip slash?)
    2. Various weapons can be used to range, including melee weapons even. There is a unique melee weapon buff you get just for using a melee weapon....even if you are ranging with said weapon. Staff, 2h....they are useful to range....especially for single-target damage. Rifle is a nice weapon to mention too.
  11. Meta Flare New Player

    yeah im pretty sure it is called flip slash.
    where can i see this buff on my character. ive known about it but im unsure where to see it.
  12. Gunny New Player

    The button you press to switch your role? Scroll down on that should find a "current effects". The weapon buff is known as"recovery". it is always active as long as you have a melee weapon equipped....anything other than pistols, bow, rifle, or handblasters. You should find every buff you currently have under there as well. This includes tank buffs, damage buffs for DPS, item buffs, etc.
  13. heywatchthisguy New Player

    The fact that no one can agree on which weapon is the best should tell you something. XD It really comes down to which one do you like.

    Except dual pistols no one likes dual pistols =P
  14. Meta Flare New Player

    oh is that it. i knew you hit up and all that but i never knew the name of it was recovery. thanks.
  15. CaptainNova New Player

    Ok with this being said which weapons are good for not splitting damage melee
  16. thoughtpatern New Player

    I always was under the impression 1 handed flurry did split damage. Good to know tho
  17. shiny mackerel Committed Player

    Err ... what the hell. There is no aoe weapon combo that doesn't split damage. Flurry, in particular, starts splitting after 2 targets, stops splitting at 4, and definitely hits more than 4 targets.
  18. Curse Bringer Dedicated Player

    personally p like 1 handed
  19. Octantis New Player

    Threads like this just end up as everyone's opinion on which weapon they like best. The important thing is to find a weapon that's comfortable to you. Me, I use either 2h or Staff for melee, and Pistols for range.

    I like the damage of 2h even though it's only a 3 hit combo (I clip Home Run Swing, and never really use Mega Smash), and it has, in my opinion, the absolute best melee power regen with Doom Spin, which does great damage as well.

    Staff I use just because it looks pretty, and I need an alternative to 2h sometimes to mix it up.

    I like Pistols for the versatility and ability to quickly react to Counter mechanics. And it looks cool with all the jumping around :) People say the damage is terrible, but I haven't noticed a difference if you use all the combos it has, not just Full Auto.

    Most of the weapons that are used by the community I just hate because the weapon animations peeve me. I hate 1h's idle stance, and Flip Slash always angered me that it didn't look cooler. Bow seems to always want to do Long Draw on me, resetting my hit counter. Rifle's combo style just didn't fit with me. I love Dual Wield except for how many taps it takes to get to its holds. Martial Arts just makes me wish it looked like a Kung Fu style every time I play it; I'd also like to see some kind of a multi-hit punch for better power regen instead of relying on shuriken storm. Handblasters make me wish they had more combos that seemed usable beyond Uppercut, Pulse Beam, and the ranged hold+tap. I love how many moves brawling has, but not one of them is a multi-hit for combo generating.

    When I was Light, I used Brawling exclusively so I could make use of the 11-hit threshold for a tier 3 power regen. Claw - Ram - and a couple Whip Thrashes kept my power at full. Fastest regen in the game.

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