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  1. onsipin2 New Player

    I know that electricity sorcery and nature have their own strengths and weaknesses in healing, but overall what would you say is the best. like if you were going on a raid or alert and you can only have one king of healer, what which it be and why?
  2. Azreaus New Player

    If I had to pick just one Healer?? Easy - the Healer that knows what they're doing, because all the powersets can heal equally well but not all Healers are able to use them equally well.
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  3. Old Gravyleg New Player

    I'd take electricity because bio-cap is the most wonderfully broken healing skill in any game, ever. It's so, so great. The only time anyone will ever die when a good electric healer is in the group is when the power runs dry.

    edit:: This isn't to say electricity is the best, just that it's the easiest to use and most forgiving of mistakes. If experience has taught me anything it's that random clowns will make a lot of mistakes.
  4. sonryo21 New Player

    Anyone except for Sorcery seeing as sorc has been nerfed to **** now. Hopefully the devs can fix the other issues instead of just QQ posts...
  5. onsipin2 New Player

    is that about the watcher? but that isn't really their main healing power is it?
  6. sonryo21 New Player

    The watcher is one of their healing powers so in nerfing it you remove the sustainability of a build. If you fail to see that then I have no further reason of responding to you. But in humor the devs should remove all the other powersets powers and leave them with their main power everyone uses. Do you see how stupid that last statement sounds? That is how your reply sounds. It doesn't matter if it is their main healing power. They really don't have one, they have pathetic heals for the cost power their heals require not to mention thee over abundance of interrupt-able powers make healing a complicated endeavor that no other powerset has to deal with.
  7. Minrev New Player

    watcher was never that good to begin with other than just being another randomized heal i mean really you cud do just as well with boon of souls. there main idea of sorc powers is put your sustainable up and then spam invocation or rejunavate depending on the raid hp. Most of your heals are guna come from soul well circle and invo. Pathetic heals for there power cost???? lol ive found it the easiest heal to manage power with. Sorc has a 100% constant uptime of heals going out when played right. I mean really the only problem i find with sorc is the lack of burst healing for the oh snap moments.

    As for the Op if i had to choose only 1 healer to bring to a alert or raid i wud choose elec cuz of the saving heal and ability to handle oh snap moments the most effectively.
  8. YodaDog New Player

    It would depend on which content you are running. Different powersets are better suited to different scenarios.

    Skill and experience mean so much more than your powerset though, this question is really pointless to ask IMO..
  9. Jumpnit Well-Known Player

    its the player not the power. With the exception of black dawn ive seen all 3 solo heal every raid in the game I as a nature healer have been destroyed by sorcery healers and in turn destroyed others of all classes.
  10. Itazuki New Player

    It's really the player.

    The all have differences and perks, but it comes down to your play style and the person behind the power.
  11. Blue Bailey New Player

  12. Minx New Player

    Speaking as a healer and having played every power, Sorc has always been my first love. But as stated, its really not the power...definitely the player.

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