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  1. GothamInvader Well-Known Player

    I've seen a few topics lately about what people think the jobs of the rolls are and such. So my question to you is what do you think is the best loadout for a mental controller to make them the most effective in raids and such? I'm a fresh level 30 and am currently grinding my feats for my extra sp. I want to be effective when i actually start going into raids and alerts again.
  2. Delta795 New Player

    Here's one of the best Mental Controllers I know
    He's a beast in DMG out and never had any power problems either
  3. Sylar-Man New Player

    PoT move - Either TK, or Tendrils
    Power transfer- Psychic Empowerment
    Defense debuff- Thought bubble or Phantom flames
    Speed drain/WoP
    The last two moves would depend on the DPS in the group. If you have a fire DPS add pyro, If you have an electric DPS add Psy shock, if you have an earth or Mental DPS then add Mass Lev, if you have a ice DPS then add Cryo, if you have a sorcery, gadgets, or HL DPS then it really doesn't matter much you can add whatever else you find useful like menace or Horrific visage., granduer, etc...

    If you go with Tendrils then I would say go with phantom flames as you defense debuff since they interact with each other. If you go want thought bubble as your defense debuff then you need to have pyschic resonance to pop the bubbles.

    Or you could do like I do and just controller with whatever powers I feel complement my playstyle the best. I literally have controlled with a pure DPS loadout before. I've had cast time powers before, i've run with all the debuffs. I just try whatever i feel like whenever ive i respec most of the time lol.
  4. ToneMD New Player

    Deceptors loadout loadout in thevideo is pretty much mine except i include the alien artifact (vit boost) trinket.

    terror tendrils - Psychic empowerment - phantom flames - Word of Power - Grandeur - Mass Terror or Terrorize for the damage debuff.

    in the belt. Alien Artifact - cc trinket - vit soda - either backup or eerie jack for the precision buff
  5. Ixnay New Player

    Fresh level 30?

    Terror tendrils - Psychic empowerment - phantom flames - Word of Power - Grandeur - Cryokenesis

    Is what I'd recommend. Ironically that only has 1 move I use in my full T4 troll loadout

    (TK - Psychic empowerment - Thought Bubble - Psy residence - Bastion - Telekenetic shield)

    but when your starting out Grandeur is very useful as a pickup move and TK shield isn't great until you get you dom way up there. Using Thought bubble as your defence debuff isn't great unless you run Psy res as well to burst the bubbles. Word of power is great to have when starting out (its an iconic supercharge). Only reason I say Cryo is that its a multi add root as well as a buff.

    Only musts are PoT move and Psychic Empowerment, you can play around with the rest, tbh.
  6. DarkSyde79 Loyal Player

    For all 3 Controller powersets, I generally go with a 1. power dump, 2. PoT move, 3. encasement, 4. AoE stun, 5. personal shield, and 6. power regen supercharge. With this being said, those powers generally consist of a defense debuff at the minimum.
  7. SageOmni New Player

    There's really no such thing as a "best" controller loadout. What might work for one person might not necessarily work for another since everyone has a different playstyle. Whether you are the POT controller or the non-POT controller in a raid (I don't like using the terms "lead", or "1st" to refer to the POT controller), you MUST have a POT power (TK/Terror Tendrils) and Psychic Empowerment. Those are non-negotiable.

    Otherwise, the rest of your loadout should be chosen depending on:
    A. Your power tree specialty (TK or Illusions?)
    B. Your preferred style of play (Battery? Crowd Control? Power Interaction Set-up?)
    C. The needs of your group

    (A). Why should you keep your "tree" specialty in mind? Since the mental and gadgets powers were updated, almost all of the powers in the TK and Illusions tree were refined to complement each other, so if you would like to be more effective, take a look at the powers in each tree and select a loadout in which you can maximize the interactions. For example, I specialize in the TK tree, so I will begin each battle throwing my POT move (TK) which will daze a single enemy. If my group requires me to be a battery, I will primarily mainly use Psychic Empowerment and my weapon attacks to keep the blue bars up. If I have a bit more wiggle room as far as my power usage, the possibilities are many. If an enemy is dazed, I will then use Pyrokinesis (healing debuff), which sets up a DOT (Damage Over Time) and also does more damage if the enemy is dazed. I can also possibly set up another DOT with Thought Bubble (Defense Debuff) which does more damage if the enemy is dazed as well. If Thought Bubble encases the enemy instead of initiates a DOT, I will quickly explode the encasement with Psychic Resonance. Psychic Resonance is another power that does more damage when the enemy is dazed, and also does a great burst damage explosion for extra burn and crowd control. Bottom Line: know your power interactions!

    (B).As you could probably infer, I don't prefer to play as a battery. I consider myself a "balanced" controller that can adapt to the playstyles of others with one loadout. Others really do prefer to be a battery, so their loadout and trinkets are only suited to that purpose. For example, they will begin the raid by drinking a vitalization soda, spam their POT and Psychic Empowerment, then continuously cycle their trinkets to further boost VIT while constantly using weapon attacks to build more power and supercharge. Some will also drink lots of sodas as well!

    (C). Before beginning a raid, find out what the other controller is carrying. Since I play as a more balanced controller, I let the other one know up front that I will take care of the defense and healing debuffs since they are a regular part of my rotations and if they would like all they need to worry about is throwing out a damage debuff should they have one. If you are playing with very power hungry roles (I do all the time), it is highly recommended you carry a Word of Power or Speed Drain in case of emergencies.

    After the not-so-brief explanation, here is the loadout I most frequently use:
    Telekinesis (POT/PI Set-Up)
    Psychic Resonance (Multi-Enemy Stun/Encasement Exploder)
    Psychic Empowerment (Instant Power)
    Thought Bubble (Encasement/DOT/Defense Debuff)
    Word Of Power (Power Supercharge)
    Cryokinesis (PI Set-Up/DOT/Healing Debuff)

    Good luck! If you ever have questions, feel free to contact me either here on the forums or in game!
  8. Sylar-Man New Player

    Thought bubble does not grant additional damage to dazed enemies at least according to the description.
  9. SageOmni New Player

    Interesting. I will have to take a second look at this. Nice catch! All of the other benefits won't remove it from my loadout though.
  10. NexGen New Player

    But...what is best in life?

    He knows.
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