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  1. mattyice Active Player

    Just started playing again and was wondering if there is any way to make a Batman Beyond character. I saw where most of the items were in Gotham capsules but I don’t have any and never had any. Is there a way to get the items or am I just screwed?
  2. willflynne 10000 Post Club

    There's a couple of ways. If you're willing to open the Gotham TCs and take your chances, you'll want to look for those particular TCs on the broker. You can also look for Beyond High-Tech gear pieces on the broker as well, as those should give you the Batman Beyond style.
  3. NightwingsBeyond Well-Known Player

    I have a full set if you're interested, PM me in game and will talk about it, add me as friend all so too see when i will log in

    Nightwings Beyond
  4. Noble One Committed Player

    beyond high-tech is the item name for the for the armor pieces but be warned as since the TC isnt available anymore that the armor pieces are VERY pricey. you may have better luck in opening gotham TCs
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  5. Ascended Well-Known Player

    I think you're better off buying the Beyond High Tech gear from the broker, instead of buying the Beyond capsules (or Gotham capsules or whatever they were called) from the broker, opening them, and hoping you get the style. You're gonna end up spending a lot of money either way, but by getting the gear itself you'll at least avoid the RNG.

    If you don't have the raw in-game cash to buy the gear from the broker, you'll have no choice but to buy the capsules, then open those. Odds are you still won't get the whole style set (the drop rates suck), but you should get some other stuff you can sell on the broker, and then take that money to buy the Beyond gear you're missing after opening all your capsules.

    A while back DCUO also ran a mega capsule that gave you one of every time capsule released at that point. I figure they'll do that again eventually so you could always wait for that. But who knows how long it'll be before they run another mega capsule, if ever?
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