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Discussion in 'League Recruitment Center' started by Ringz, Sep 22, 2016.

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    Howdy !

    My Ign: Ringz on hero side - CR 173 dps/172 healer - 220sp, Pvp Cr 100 - . I play both pve and pvp.I have 2 other alts that is a troller and tank that I am working on and both have over 200sp as well, but there cr is below 170 but that can easily be increased if I felt like working on them. My healer is currently celestial(soon to switch back to electric), troll quantum, tank rage. I play all 4 roles well and have extreme knowledge over this game with many years of experience since early 2013

    With the live stream and the announcement that happen, it had really gave me incentive to look back over at this game again, and with the things that are set way to come I want to be prepared for what might hit, that also means joining a league again.

    It doesn't have to be like a close family that plays everything together but I do like to join one where people like to have fun man. Where we can joke around with each other then once instances are involved to still joke around but also getting down to business.

    Really, Im looking for a league that knows what they're doing ! Not the "BEST ELITE MLG LEAGUE" type of thing, but just where everyone knows how to play there role and have some drive to get the best cr and help each other get more skill points. I don't mind having to spend hours in a raid(remembers origin crisis memories) as long as its with people thats having a good time and if we succeed then awesome, and if not we'll just take a breather, pick ourselves up and try again. You know that aaliyah song ;) .

    If I have to prove myself ingame just send me mail and I will get back to you quickly as possible. Thank ya :)
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    Hero or villian?
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    I think my league might be a fit for you we are new and growing usually about 10 people on at night with that being higher or lower. Check out our website the link is in my sig. If you want to kick around a little look for either Buckee or psiknight ps4
    Hope to see you in game