Artifacts from the past DC after second boss

Discussion in 'Old Arkham (Bug Archive)' started by true, Aug 8, 2014.

  1. true New Player

    Artifacts from the past

    After the second boss went to hit the artifact...

    Entire raid was DC'd from the server...

    This is after it went live

    uspc villain
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  2. Black Jaq Devoted Player

    this did not affect any other players in our league
  3. fkeidjn Level 30

    Same, the entire group got dc'ed from Necropolis raid too, 8/8/2014 @10:09pm
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  4. fkeidjn Level 30

    ^ After the first boss
  5. Spirited Edges New Player

    Entire group got dc`ed from Artifacts from the past 8/8/14 @ 12:11am
  6. Spirited Edges New Player

    When we where on the last boss he was Half life
  7. Twincam Well-Known Player

    Same thing happened to us 2 times on last boss 08:11 and 10:11 PDT, everyone in the instance got Kicked out, rest of the league was fine.
  8. WildcatHunter Committed Player

    Same thing last boss of artifacts entire raid dc'd
  9. rolando nacanna Well-Known Player

    maybe something was going wrong after the yesterday's hotfix.the last boss was bugged.
    we were all exp players and (4 me at least) was not the first time.the first time we've been at the last boss 2 hours and after this time all the group was disconnected.too many mobs,the AW was impossible to grab.stucked on the vendor for repair the gear.

    the space around the final boss was entirely surrounded by beams of white light .how result the whole group was fighting in a very small space with all the mobs, the boss and the group.this happened only from yesterday.yesterday this raid was impossible to finish.
    sorry for my english guys,i know it's not good.:(
  10. LazyGuy New Player

    Happened to my group today. Beat the 2nd boss and was getting ready to move on then DC'ed out of nowhere.

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