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Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by Stag, Dec 12, 2021.

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  1. Alpha Maximum Well-Known Player

    It's weird how we should sit down, shut up, and be patient with innumerable bugs that ruin to break the game and at the same time we should also sit down, shut up, and never benefit from the rare bug that works in your favor. There is an odd disconnect when it comes to these issues that are in a video game not real life.

    So we don't get the game we pay for because of massive bugs and that's fine and dandy expect no restitution. If you manage to get a benefit (in a video game where nothing is actually real) because of a bug then your a cheating monster that deserves whatever severe punishment you get. o_O So lets do this; if you make use of a bug that benefits you and you can be banned then lets match that with every bug that messes with our game gets us a free equivalent amount of time as punishment would for using a beneficial bug (if you are a paying customer of course). Obviously that will never happen but hopefully you get the point.

    Just something to think about.

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  2. Proxystar #Perception

    That's obviously the very least they should do.

    The devs from there may also make a call on how severe the intentions of the player were.

    As I said earlier, if the intentions of the player was then obvious egregious then further action may be warranted.

    I understand your point about new players but you and I both know, I'm not really talking about them, I'm talking about those players who are advanced end game, know full well how the systems work, yet took advantage of it.
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  3. BumblingB 15000 Post Club

    I'm sorry, but you are a veteran that would know how to use that stuff.

    I tried getting my wife through it and even sitting next to her she was lost. A new player may end up doing it by accident, but not to the extent that was what was happening those few days.
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  4. Proxystar #Perception

    Exactly this.
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  5. Mr.W Well-Known Player

    You'd be surprised lol.

    Just like ppl who used quark bombs to mow through 1st boss when titans was new or ppl who stayed in the 1st phase of sulfur at terra. Another example is ppl using the JLD fires for big damage on trigon in the 31st raid.

    Many just decided to try everything & for the ones it worked for just considered themselves using strategies but it wasn't addressed until those items were changed. Should all those players be banned, have EVERY feat they earned reset (things like races that has nothing to do with the issue) even though they got the majority of feats as intended?
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  6. Proxystar #Perception

    No, now you're reaching...

    Those two things you referred to were working exactly as intended as per their tooltips.

    I know certain elite players, didn't like their effects, but that didn't mean they were an exploit.

    Qwa bombs were eventually changed, but still actually work but to a lesser effect, that's not an example of an exploit at all.

    Again, the players were referring to here aren't new ones who as BumblingB correctly pointed out would lack the knowledge, this is about the players that knew full well what they were doing.

    It feels like you're attempting to conflate multiple other things as issues in a vein attempt to dismiss the guilt of the ones we're referring to.
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  7. Mr.W Well-Known Player

    I'm not denying there were ppl who abused this glitch but I do think there were also a lot ppl who honestly didn't know what was going on & if that was an intended change. Thats why I asked would it be a more appropriate response to put their artifacts to where they were before exos were inserted. So ppl would've wasted catalyst, marks, destiny tokens, exobytes,& possibly even real money (for said seals & catalyst).
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  8. BumblingB 15000 Post Club

    That's a slap on the wrist and breeds more of the problem.
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  9. Proxystar #Perception

    No one's really arguing that point. We're talking about people that knew better...

    Lets take you as an example, now im not saying you did or didn't do it, but let's just hypothetically say you did... Would you agree in your position a ban would be appropriate? If not, why not?
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  10. Gamma Lantern Committed Player

    Lol no the toxicity comes from cheating, not from legit players wanting the cheaters to have to own up to the consequences of breaking the TOS we all agreed to in order to get ahead of the legit player base.

    I’m concerned for you in general if you think that the queues would never pop lol

    The last mass ban cheaters got (TC exploit) had the same sorry excuses that you’re spouting off now.

    “Oh it’s everyone’s fault but mine that I cheated, blame the devs”

    “The community will suffer if we’re banned for cheating!”

    Guess what actually happened?

    The cheaters got banned and the queues popped at the exact same rate.

    Hopefully the devs show a little more backbone this time and push the bans for longer than 15 days so people actually think twice before cheating the next time around.
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  11. OneWhoLaughed Well-Known Player

    Yeah but you wanna remove 1000s of players across all server.

    Some who have done it by accident.

    I also don’t get why so many people are so mad?

    I get why the devs would be because of the cash loss. It having arts is not equal to skill.

    You can also chose not to play with people. If you ban 1000s at a time think of the monthly revenue this game will lose.

    I asked a few league mates about the TC bug, they said very few got banned, so I guess you’re not entirely correct there.
  12. Trykz Dedicated Player

    You can twist it all you want.
    Myself and a lot of others, especially returning players, have spent hundreds on our artifacts.
    The idea of a bunch of cheaters short cutting their way to 200(which even after HUNDREDS I still don’t have all three at)
    Makes my blood boil lol.

    No one is talking about the newbies.

    Hell I myself put three wonderverse exo’s into an artifact before I realized what I had done, but i didn’t go try to figure out how to do it and then massively exploit the bug.

    Do you think I’ll get banned? I don’t.
    Do you think the person who made the opposite decision as me, and chose to exploit that bug, should be banned? I do.

    The devs can easily tell who found it on accident, and who was exploiting.

    If you’re defending exploiters, you’re an exploiter.
    Cheater apologist have guilty consciousness in my opinion.
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  13. Gamma Lantern Committed Player

    Lol I’m sure you asked your league mates and they knew only a few people got banned. It’s actually laughable how transparent your responses are lol.

    They should probably be believed over Mepps when he said every account that exploited the TC glitch was banned, right?

    Very stimulating conversation from you lmaooo I especially love how you make up things because you have zero facts

    Your main points so far summarized:

    1) Cheating isn’t toxic, punishing the cheaters is what’s toxic

    2) Banning cheaters will hurt the community

    3)Last time people cheated, only a few got banned (blatant lie) so that means this time only a few cheaters should be punished again

    At this point it’s getting more sad than funny lol but still kinda funny
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  14. Harlequin Devoted Player

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  15. Mr.W Well-Known Player

    No I didn't do it lol.

    Okay this analogy seems to be excluding new players & super casuals that don't keep up with dc changes & geared towards the dc vets. The issue with that though is how can you tell the difference of who was doing what. I don't think a vet would try to raise their artifacts to have lets say 900M experience in it b/c thats too obvious for someone intentionally trying to do wrong. But you also can't point the finger directly at anyone with a moderate increase either b/c vets split their metal up for crits & could accidentally load a few cluster of exos by mindless clicking x to load nth metal.

    & this is why I said this situation is more complicated than it is on the surface. You don't want ppl who weren't trying to do bad to be severely punished for making a mistake of not paying attention of what was loaded. But I do realize there were ppl who did mean to.

    That's why i made the proposal that I did.
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  16. Trykz Dedicated Player

    Your issue is you think the developers can’t tell the difference between a new user, a mistaken fortification, and someone exploiting a bug.

    I assure you, everyone has assured you, they can.
    Yet you keep with this think of the children diatribe.
    It isn’t working.
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  17. Proxystar #Perception

    You didn't answer the question and deflected entirely.

    I will repeat myself.

    Im not saying you did it, I'm using you as an example.

    If someone like you, used this glitch to level a bunch of artifacts, do you agree you would deserve a ban of at least some nature? If not, why not?
  18. OneWhoLaughed Well-Known Player

    See you keep putting words in my mouth.

    Cheating is toxic, but brigading about punishing them is worse. I also gave examples as to what I thought was worse in terms of examples of cheating.

    Banning a large amount of players even if they did it by accident will hurt the community.

    I’m going by what players who have 8+ years on the game said. I trust them enough.

    Let’s face it, you’re just angry, reason pretty much unknown.
  19. Proxystar #Perception

    You act like it's unreasonable to be upset that others cheated to get what you earned through hard work, that's far from unreasonable.

    No one is saying ban the people that did it accidentally, they're saying ban the people that did it obviously so.

    Those types of players are entirely distinguishable from those that made an honest mistake.

    The reason people are advocating for action is because in the past it hasnt happened and the reason people continue to so blatantly abuse glitches is because no action gets taken.

    Advocating for no action to be taken serves no purpose other than to empower people to continue to abuse glitches and damages the games credibility.

    Anyone defending egregious glitching in fairness, dare I say it, is probably doing so because they're guilty.
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  20. Gamma Lantern Committed Player

    Lol you really just said legit players wanting cheaters to face consequences is worse than cheating lmaooo I’m on the floor over here

    No sane person could read my posts and interpret them as angry lol in your little world because I think people who do wrong should suffer the consequences that makes me angry lmaoooo pretty sure that just means I have morals pal

    Your arguments are so factually incorrect and transparent that it’s quite amusing so please continue so I can continue to expose you :)

    Lol I’ve been here since we had to buy the game on disk, your friends being here for a few years doesn’t make them any less wrong.

    You’re literally trying to say “a few people got banned after the TC exploit”. Truly think about how wrong that statement is lol do you understand what the word few even means pal?

    Saying something that ridiculous has to be trolling just lolll please stop making yourself look bad on here - read the room
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