Anyone Looking For An All-Villain League?

Discussion in 'League Recruitment Center' started by StardustMaverickHunterX, Feb 5, 2023.

  1. StardustMaverickHunterX New Player

    Anyone Looking For An-All Villain League? If So Your In Luck, I Just Created an All New Villain League Called Renegade Dream Chasers (R.D.C) a brand new league i created myself after coming back to the game after a few years, wanted to socialize with other players and also want to see how it will be to run my own league, im a rage tank/dps CR 350+ Level 30, If you want to join, please comment on this thread and add My PSN
  2. The Bad Guy Level 30

    How many people do you have?
  3. TheColdOne New Player

    hey um I am new to the game and am not a Gold account or whatever it might be called in game. I was just wondering cause I don't know where to ask this sort of stuff. I just happened on this forum. If I delete a character can I make a new one or will that slot be permanantly deleted as well like I'd have to add a slot? I want to make a villain.
  4. Hashy New Player

    You can delete that slot and it won’t delete it it will just archive it until you delete another one