Allies Changes…. Please

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  1. Light Bender92 Well-Known Player

    Just 2 things I wanted to address; nothing major, but I would greatly appreciate it if these changes were implemented.

    1. Allow allies to be imprinted into armories. As of right now you technically “can” imprint them but you have to do it every single time you log in. Can we please have this be permanent? Kind of annoying having to swap them out all the time.

    2. Can you guys somehow give allies boss priority? There’s been so many times that I’ve summoned HoL bot and instead of firing at the boss, it turns around and shoots at an add (often times one I never even hit…). I think it would be better if the allies focused on the “most powerful” enemy in the room and wasn’t kind of random.
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  2. Doctor Nova Devoted Player

    with targeting in this game, seeing my henchmen run away and atack a object, it would seem... maybe nearest thing?
    Allies, Henchmen, Sidekick... requires proper positioning. Lunge @enemy, pop it, hope the pets don't prevent a player from moving away from an attack/hope the pets prevent the NPC from moving away from an orbital strike. If pet uses a weapon/ability attack that passes through a line of enemies (lasers) vs individual attacks vs aoe. positioning before use. It's a mindful awareness to use proper tactics vs the button spam while you are KO'd standing in an enemy aoe attack. The pretty graphics on the ground are there for a reason! MOVE!

    Positioning [IMG]

    adding allies to armories..... sure. In the months to come, they've stated that they will be implementing changes
    "Moving on, our art and UI teams will begin work refining the new user interfaces for Doctor Fate's Daily Rewards and Allies. On the one hand, there was more we wanted to do for polish but didn't get to with House of Legends. On the other hand, we have seen your feedback - especially for Allies - and we will work to make sure the information is presented as clearly as possible. The Systems team will also continue to review feedback for changes and fixes to existing Allies.
    The engineering team will begin work on a massive database migration. This is relatively uninteresting to anyone who is not on the dev team really exciting for everyone because this is the largest of many behind the scenes improvements to our infrastructure. For the past couple of years we have been on a continual "spring cleaning" of the DCUO back end - upgrading hardware, the team's tools, and libraries that in some cases had not been updated in 10 years.
    We have to be very meticulous to make sure that we don't break things as we go (ok... try not to break things as we go), but the end goal is to transition DCUO's back end and infrastructure to modern standards, to better tools, and to better hardware that will allow us to bring new features to the game faster than a speeding bullet, that are more powerful than a locomotive, and so on. This is work that won't yield immediate results you can see, but will over the years ahead in where we can take the game."

    It's seemingly close to a goodbye DX9, optimizations are being done.

    ...pandemic. owner. It'll be different in a year, Shirley. After a break to play other games, I'll be back to see the changes. My Daybreak all access status lasts til Feb. I'm not doing planetside again, after amonth of trying it. Evernope.
  3. DeitySupreme Steadfast Player

    I believe they said that they would like to eventually make it so allies can be saved to armories but they didn’t give any estimated time or even if they would be able to do it in the first place.

    As for the boss priority. I’d rather prefer if they targeted who you have target locked remember that there are times (mechanics) where the boss is targetable but you need to kill a specific add or objective. I’d hate to summon one and have it target a boss who is immune. But that’s harder to program. I’d rather leave it as is if something like that can’t be done
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