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  1. Kharhaz Committed Player

    I agree, its not. Throw in new content and the first ones to be booted are the support roles. And i also agree, I am not a good DPS, but I always finish top 2, with little to no effort.


    Get it? My point is this. DPS'ing doesnt require any mechanics, it doesnt require any skill, it doesnt demand positioning, it doesnt demand anything but, DO DAMAGE.

    I do that, AND ALL I DO IS TAP Y ON MY PAD.

    So enoughs enough. Ok, I have had a good go at why support roles are harder.

    Come on then. All you DPS' who disagree. Put up an argument, why is DPS'ing hard?

    One hit kills?

    errr...nope..other than that I am lost.

    Come on, enlighten me, why is DPS such a hard role to play?
  2. Sabigya Steadfast Player

    • Power management
    • proper PI setup
    • finding the best rotation possible
    • finding the best way to hit as much enemies as possible
    • putting yourself out the way of the tank, finding weapons that suit your power, properly modding your gear, rolling
    • using buffs at the right time
    • knowing when to time attacks
    • knowing when to time SC's
    • using trinkets in proper rotation, being wary of a surroundings
    • having a basic grasp on combat mechanics
    If you cannot do half of these things you are a mediocre DPS at best. Tell me this? I have played all roles extensively [With the exception of tanking], there is absolutely nothing hard about any of the roles. Its completely over exaggerated so support roles can feel good about themselves.
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  3. SilverBullet Dedicated Player

    I know your point. My main role is dps. I use to play around with support roles but, then I got tired of it. To many screamers for no reason. When I 1st started working as a support role I wanted to reach through my tv and, smash players playstations. FYI I see more trolls complaining about the other troll then dps do. I just tell them enough or, be kicked or, I'll just kick. No reason for anyone to complain when there is nothing wrong. Agreed 100% not just about screaming dps or, low scoring dps but, any player like that needs to go. I'm to laid back and, don't care if a dps is at the bottom maybe 1% of the time. I do enjoy watching the group make jokes about that low dps at the end.
  4. Kharhaz Committed Player

    Thank you, I appreciate that response, I will add nothing more, you have answered my question.
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  5. smoove76 Committed Player

    It might not be hard to be support role, But It take more us doing our roles than it is for Dpses to go Pew,Pew ,Pew
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  6. Sabigya Steadfast Player

    Debatable as a person who has played support roles and DPS role.
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  7. ChuckLess New Player

    These threads are getting (are) old.
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  8. Biester New Player

    No one gets acknowledgement because there is no reason for acknowledgement. The game is so simple and casual that none of the roles are hard so why is everyone arguing about which role is the hardest? They're all mind-numbingly easy. With the implementation of wm, the dps role has been dumbed down to a child's skill level.

    I played as a tank because I loved the feeling of blasting a superpower and watching enemies go flying in the air, it made me feel super-saiyan. Is tanking hard? As a fire tank during the T5 era it could be a moderate challenge but as a rage tank in the t6 era it isn't even a slight challenge. So there you go, fire tanking is the hardest role in a low skill requirement game, no further debates or arguments about how easy or hard a certain role is are necessary. They are all easy with fire tanking being on a simple to moderate difficulty level.
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  9. Captain Domino Committed Player

    No, it's very funny. You're blaming the whole dps community for your ****** experience. We're not all one in the same, we vary depending on who we are. You can't just bunch us all in one group and say we're all the same. I agree there are many dpses who have big egos and feel they are kings/queens of the game but, I've come across many support roles have the same mentality. Me personally, I have a great deal of respect of the people who play support roles (the ones that actually try to do the best they can, that is). You're right, it's not rocket science, nothing in this game is. Really and truly, nothing in this game takes a whole lot of thinking.
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