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  1. StealthBlue Loyal Player

    Would it be easy to add stat clamping to the on duty menu for instances? Possibly set too a random number within the relevant range to simulate a group makeup of people in that range. I know cr isn't King anymore, but it is still a guide post, and I assume it will still be used for seasonal stat clamping. If you could set up a formula to assign stats based on cr, and assign that cr randomly as que, then set limits for a cr range on each instance, we could test things with a quick turnaround. The biggest issue right now is having to deal with inventory management and respecting to do instances at different tiers.
  2. Winter Sabel Dedicated Player

    The majority of the players stats are in the gear. That's plain & simple.
    If feel the need that you want to disagree, take it up with AVAIR.

    When you are testing instances you should be matching your SP to the CR of your gear at most.
    If you are running with the most SP allocated then you are getting skewed results that are not worth a dime.
    The same goes for having gear that is OP for the instance.

    Testing and refusing set up a control is not testing it's hogwash & nothing more.

    When you test anything you must have a control ( baseline ).
    I have not seen one person do this, Not one.

    We are suppose to be testing stats and no one is using a control. o_O

    All I see people doing is running over geared and maxed SP.
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  3. Shark Dental Devoted Player

    I was in a group the other day that had some personality issues, so first we lose a troll. Then a dps has to go, a healer left, until we were left with only 5 of us. One troll, 1 tank, 1 healer and 2 dps. And we got through OLYr just fine five manning it. Everyone had 189 gear though. So what do we say? Raids good like this! LOL, I guess we tested it really well. Instead, to really see how it goes, I agree we should be tested at recommended CR, which would be 173 I believe.

    One suggestion would be to give us a box of gear for whatever CR is recommended for the tier (not minimum). 166 is minimum but is impossible pretty much. A CR 173 box would be great.
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  4. IamINC Dedicated Player

    Provide us with new laptops? :p
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  5. Molecular Occurance Active Player

    I like how overly disposed everyone's attention is towards Stats - a hilarious fact since we are allegedly testing these very stats is the
    exact reason we are here. Yet, some of you have difficulty understanding that some features of the game aren't about (or shouldn't be)

    about constant character progression or having the highest ability. Certain features of a superhero MMO should be about building a

    convincing character, namely animation appearance, iconic powers, the effects wrought by certain powers delivery. Not everything

    is going to be equal; all that should be is the ability to be impressively effective. Munitions having Big Gun, for instance, was

    an excellent show of this. Big Gun was very powerful, capable of one-shotting many lower level enemies, but since it wasn't to useful

    against bosses it was somewhat even. Granted munitions could have been less unfairly powerful in general, but the idea was


    It was all done to make the player feel like a battle hardened commando.

    Let us not forget that a Superhero MMO isn't some kind of massive performance competition. It's a game to experience your characters

    strengths in a enjoyable environment. Remember that testers, we all know none of the other plays will be attending a thing until it hits

  6. Shark Dental Devoted Player

    That was an admirable speech, lol.
  7. Soul Dedicated Player

    Did you even get on test once since this Stats Revamp started?

    I don't think you understand what SP, Gear or CR translate to in the game on the Test Server. The content is so unbelievably easy - as soon as it opens up to you, you'll be able to complete it however you like once you hit a certain threshold.

    No one is going to disagree with you that testing should be done at bare minimum when you put it in broad context of testing, it's still so irrelevant to how things are "on the ground", which is what I'm so confused about.

    No you don't need to match your SP to your CR, you really really dont. You could do with half the SP you've got for your "CR" (as if that matters.. it's just a parameter to what you've unlocked at this point.. not even the point.) and still steam roll through content.

    Stop lecturing us on how to test when you've obviously got no clue what the game plays like right now.. It's like you're just repeating what the Devs replied to people like a parrot. This game never played out like the Devs wanted it to, when you see advice regarding entry content or estimated Meta - consult players, not Devs.
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  8. Fatal Star 10000 Post Club

  9. Jacob Dragonhunter Steadfast Player

    I'm sorry but at this point in time, I'm failing to see why stat-clamping would be bad now.

    We've had how many stat-clamped events in the game now? Valentimes alert, Spring Alert, Summer Alert, Halloween alert, Christmas Alert, Anti-monitor, and now the Starro-event.

    Counting that up: That makes 7 events we run clamped in total.

    And How often do we get content where we are not actually clamped? Not very often from the looks of it, we're barely on track to getting another episode..

    The Answer to these questions just proves that if stat-clamping was implemented correctly, it won't be a big train wreck like some people(and myself) use to claim.

    I Digress, I'll refrain from turning this thread into a stat-clamped topic; but I'll keep this information in mind now since it does have merit.
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  10. Ala Rebeldex Loyal Player

  11. xoHLxDPSox Steadfast Player

    can we get a stat formula of each tier and what each tier is suppose to look like at the lowest possible CR entry level and at the max entry so for T1 CR34 min, and CR42 for the highest / max.

    Basically what the stats will / should look like at these CR without mods or tactical mods, but do it for T1-T8.
  12. Mepps Sr. Community Manager

    This would likely introduce more problems than it actually finds, not to mention spark widespread panic and chaos.
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  13. StealthBlue Loyal Player

    How about at least a set CR per tier, so we don't have to do so much inventory management on test to be able to properly test the instances in the stats revamp. That way you only have 8 sets of stats to calculate, and we can test whatever we can get a group together for.
    The other option I've seen mentioned is closing instances for a while to focus testing. So you could work your way through the tiers at a set place to make sure all instances get covered.
  14. CrappyHeals Devoted Player

    Can we disable pvp and duals on test for this part of the revamp? Some people just sit in the central hub and dual all day and I'm sick of going to the vendors and being sent dual invites over and over when those people should be testing pve stuff. That stuff has no business on test right now and everyone on test should be testing pve content not just getting on to pvp.

    I know I could just turn off dual invites and scrims but my point is some players are just getting on to mess around and we should cut out stuff like that so people either test or don't.
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  15. Winter Sabel Dedicated Player

    If you are asking that question then I guess I'm the one that should be asking you that question.

    I'm not here to pander to anyone. I am here giving feedback on how it pertains to players throughout the whole game, level 1-30 all the way up to end game content.

    The majority of the feedback that I see is one sided ( Over geared & endgame ) without regards to the majority of the player base. I'll stop lecturing when I see reasonable non biased testing and until then you are going to get viewpoints from more than one side when I give feedback.
  16. Winter Sabel Dedicated Player

    I have mine off and it's still a pain in the backside.
  17. Soul Dedicated Player

    What is this? the forum equivalent of "I know that you are, but what am I..?" ?

    You don't even understand why you're bothering so many of us - you've never once given feedback, all your posts are about other people's feedback.. the way you believe they should test, the way you believe everything should be tested, and how you perceive things are in effect in the Stats Revamp, with no shred of evidence to back it up, and topped with a rationale/mantra that is biased to the point of game breaking.

    If you don't like how others are testing, get on the test server, record it, and submit your feedback. All of it in that way you believe it should be done.
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  18. Streven Dedicated Player

    The point still stands that there should be a statistical baseline established for the entry point of each tier so we can properly test difficulty of each instance within their respective tiers.

    The game has been too easy for too long. Difficulty should be set that finishing any content besides solos at the beginning of each tier is difficult if not impossible until gear from that tier is obtained. That way you get a constant sense of progression.

    It would be helpful if we could have boxes with a complete gear set for each tier. That way you could for instance put on a full set of tier 2 gear and start testing T3 content. Its up to players to responsibly test and use realistic amounts of SP per tier and correct mods and such.
  19. Nemesir Well-Known Player

    Please refrain from replying and feeding off at the above-named player. Clearly, he does not even play on Test Server and just pulling off from someone's feedback and re-writes it on the forum. When Atomic feedback thread was still active, i challenged him to post a video recording of his claim and he can't even post one. The guy is just a troll, stop feeding him.
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  20. stärnbock Devoted Player

    can we get the starro event with the next round, so we can have a look how the gameplay feels like in a clamped version?