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  1. Seradin Member

    I think it really speaks for itself..


    Since this sadly only works for TR im thinking of making an entire breakfast pack with Eggs for NC and Toast and jelly for Vanu? Idk i couldnt come up with a very good vanu idea.

    Feedback Welcome! Also i hope this isnt too ridiculous!
  2. Dash Member

    I am now hungry
  3. Arctorn Member

    Read the title, sighed audibly and facepalmed; saw the camo and giggled.

    I am conflicted on this, but good concept nonetheless.
  4. Mezinov Member

    Reminds me of street art.
  5. Ambitious_Nomad Member

    I've seen it all now.
  6. MasterMagnus Active Member

    The bacon is back! I must admit, this is interesting. Carry on!
  7. Seradin Member

    Pending content!! will the bacon camo sizzle!?
  8. Dash Member

    I want bacon now
  9. ThrashCore Member

    This was surprisingly good.
  10. MasterMagnus Active Member

    goes well with lettuce and tomato too.
  11. Seradin Member

    My Bacon Camo is in the Test Server files!! :D :D its coming!!
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  12. Carter Member

    That's awesome man, congrats.

    How do you check the test server files? (Yet to download test server)

    Also just read your signature. My DA experience came from classes at BGSU as well.

    Learn tons from Professor Somasa if he's still there. That guys amazing in Zbrush and Maya.
  13. MaceMadunusus Member

  14. Seradin Member

    Carter! i actually have Sarit right now, hes adorable. When did you graduate?
  15. Carter Member

    Back in 2008 I graduated. I wasn't an art student, I just took some classes in DA and computer science as a hobby/personal interest. Sarit was a modeler in Starsiege: Tribes (although he says he hated every minute of it). Also a hell if a cool guy if you hang out in the computer lab nonstop. Also Bonnie (forget her last name). Web design instructor - loved that woman.
  16. nubery Member


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