Vehicle sound all the time

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by Gung-H0-Gring0, Oct 4, 2019.

  1. Gung-H0-Gring0 Member

    What the hell did u guys do.. game is almost unplayable.. this sound bug needs fixed immediately.. how do u do maintenance but create new problems. Once again let me know if ur looking for some consulting help. Everyone knows u need it.. ur costumer service response time is non existent.
  2. Gung-H0-Gring0 Member

    Bueller? Bueller? Bueller?
  3. Shad0w New Member

    Plz fix the sound, whatever "maintenance" you guys did on server helped with the silent ninja cars. I can hear ppl coming but it added a humv sound constantly to the game even on foot.
  4. Gung-H0-Gring0 Member

    At least acknowledge the problem to us.. everything falls on deaf ears. First part of being professional is being out ahead of the problem. Acknowledge the problem, say u have ur best guys on it, give us an estimated timeline of the resolution. Pretty simple. Keep ur community informed!!
  5. Why_so_shotty New Member

    Gaybreak literally pissed in a bucket and called it maintenance. I dig the idea of eliminating the silent cars but this is ridiculous. It seems like every other “update” is more of a downgrade. Developers wont respond to anything. This is by far my favorite game I’ve played on the ps4 and it really just sucks watching it be wasted by such a piss poor team of developers. The more it’s updated, the more players that are lost.
  6. Gung-H0-Gring0 Member

    Heard! Agree!