Update to shooter in BR

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by evry1sfav, Jun 6, 2019.

  1. evry1sfav Member

    H1Z1 used to require some type of skill. I heard of this new way to shoot in Arcade mode. It was said the new shooter option made it really easy. Now I see! This new shooter method should have been left in the Arcade mode. I understand your trying to pull more people in, but if theres no skill involved in shooting, whats the point. Next thing we know we'll be able to build walls, or a fort or some sh*t. There is no challenge in putting your sights in 3rd person and shooting. On top of the fact that when you actually do want to aim down sights, now half the time it throws you into the new method. If your not careful when you aim in and out you also may not be able to throw anything, for a period of time or after messing with this aim assist method.
    You guys hurt the game with the new " aim assist " update you added. How about a new map, we are after all into a 4th season here.
  2. Jcon115 Member

    I agree. They added 3rd person ads to appeal to casual players. Took the skill gap out of the game.