Too Many Players in the Final Circles & Match Flow

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by MicBroadCastin, Mar 3, 2019.

  1. MicBroadCastin New Member

    I started playing a lot again for season 3. I have really been enjoying myself & enjoying all the new additions like skins & challenges, etc. I pretty much only play solos (unless a challenge makes me play a diff mode) on ps4. I feel like the final 3 or 4 circles just have way too many players. One of the things i like best about H1 is the tactical positioning & strategy in combat. I feel like when it gets to the last final circles there are just players everywhere. I would like to see the matches maybe slowed down a little to allow for a few more players to be eliminated before the final circles. Also, I think the gas should aid with the flow of the game not really BE the flow of the game. So many times i find myself chasing to get to safety before the gas & as soon as i get to safety, I have to just go straight to the next safe spot. Pretty much avoiding any & all fights or else i will be stuck in the gas. I really wish there was a bit more time between shrinking circles to allow for some good gunplay, positioning, strategy, & combat to take place; instead of just feeling like the gas is right up my butt the majority of time. I really don't like when i feel like I kinda had a cheap death. So many endgames give me this feeling cuz of the number of players left near the end. Many times, there's really nothing the average player can do when he/she is completely surrounded by players everywhere in a tiny circle.
  2. Tnargav New Member

    First time playing h1z1 and this is exactly my experience. I see myself rushing to the middle of the circle and I see other people doing the same as the pacing is so fast. If I try to explore or involve myself in combat, I very often find myself trapped outside of the safety zone.
    It almost feels like we would get the same result when put in a lobby with guns and just shoot each other.
  3. kdot Member

    When you really get to know how to play the game, it's quite satisfying.
  4. gjp3333 New Member

    I think the game pacing is perfect. In fact if you get under 100 players it can be slow IMO.
  5. MicBroadCastin New Member

    End game always just feels so cheesy. 25 players left in some small circle. 20 r in vehicles just circling each other trying to find an opportunity to get out & shotgun one of the 5 players not in vehicles. End game just gets cheesy & repetitive, in my opinion. Would much rather have like 10-15 players left in final couple circles with little to no vehicles. That is a much more skillful ending in my opinion. I love playing the game all the way up until the end, then i dislike it so much, i almost wanna just quit. Pretty much getting out of your vehicle puts you at a massive disadvantage.