Season 6 Launches on Thursday, November 14!

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    We're excited to announce that Season 6 of H1Z1 on PS4 will kick off next Thursday, November 14!

    While last season debuted the new Outland map, Season 6 will introduce the next chapter in H1Z1, with new content, challenges, rewards, and more. We'll have more to share next week, but there will be no off-season after Season 5 wraps - get ready to loot up and frag out once servers come up next Thursday!

    Speaking of new rewards...


    'Tis the season of giving, and we're excited to properly celebrate our Season 6 launch with some sweet Rank Rewards! As with previous seasons, players who rank up to a certain tier on the Career Leaderboards by the end of Season 5 (when servers come down on Thursday, November 14) will earn their current tier reward and ALL rewards from the tiers they passed along the way:
    • Silver: Mask of the Monkey King
    • Gold: Guerrilla Warfare Helmet
    • Platinum: Undertaker Apocalypse Mask
    • Diamond: Fastest Racer Helmet
    • Master: Apocalypse Demon Mask


    We picked some of our favorite H1Z1 helmets to commemorate Outland's debut season, so grab those last few dubs before Season 5 ends on Thursday, November 14 if you don't want to miss out on these classics!

    Can YOU smell the savory scent of a new season of H1Z1? Or is that just the new Bacon Ghillies?


    Let us know on Twitter, Facebook, or the official forums!
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