Season 4 is TRASH!!!!!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Vryabchun, Jun 4, 2019.

  1. Vryabchun New Member

    We have been waiting for the new season for a long time and were hoping for something new, new map, new cars, new weapons, new interesting costumes ... but nothing was added to the game !!!! for battle pass one skin and Clock ??????? seriously ????? the most terrible and unnecessary update !!!!! developers, you seriously think that people will want to continue to play it ????? You promised something new and interesting, where is all this ???? Why should I spend money on this nonsense ???? read the forum that people are asking from you !!!!! you lose audience !!!! feedback is zero !!!!! new boxes ****! battle pass **** !!! look, one negative from your update !!!! master coins reset !!! if in the next week you do not add to the game what the players are asking, your online will drop to zero !!!! and so almost no one plays !!! you need to communicate with the players on the forum and instill the hope that you will add something new, cars, weapons, MAP !!!! season 4 is a complete disappointment !!!!!!
  2. Miniker Member

    Still situation in game not is better, new season it next disappointment(now is to many disappointments). Not need next new season if still will be same bad situation. Other battle royale games on PS4 offer more than H1Z1 becuase are new elements, new maps, new weapons and ect., H1Z1 still after 6 months is same.