Season 3 Gameplay Feature: FFA Deathmatch

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by jgolenbo, Feb 15, 2019.

  1. jgolenbo Community Relations

    Hey all,

    Wanted to drop a nod to the new FFA Deathmatch article I just posted on the site:

    Iincludes new screens and a 15+ minute FFA gameplay video that was previously used as a media exclusive.

    Working out some kinks on the forums, but will do my best to post all screenshots/video on the forums (in announcements or general subforums) going forward.

    Have a great long weekend all!!

  2. Shivran New Member

    the game mode is awesome and I think it needs a few more tweaks and is still
    An unfinished piece of work. For instance I wish you would just take into consideration ur game is really buggy
    So spawning someone in instant combat an then getting killed before there weapons load is kind of a ****** situation to find itself in as a gamer who really enjoys the game and wishes it was better