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    H1Z1– HOSTED GAMES APPLICATION FORM HOST(S) NAME(S) AND CONTACT INFO: Who will be responsible for maintaining the schedule of Hosted Games and communicating with Daybreak? ReVrSe/Jayson Full Legal Name:Jayson Mickel Mayer City,Frisco State,Texas Country:United States. Email address: Phone number: 469-525-9829 Twitch URL ( Twitter URL: PROPOSED HOSTED GAME SERVER NAME: OG ReVrSeD HOSTED GAME SERVER REGION:NA East HOSTED GAME GOALS:creating a less toxic community and bring more players to the game. Why do you want to start using H1Z1 Hosted Games and what are you planning on doing with it?Playing Sweaty Z1 Games,RP,Fun Games. INTENDED IMPACT ON COMMUNITY:making friendly games. How do you think these Hosted Games will impact your community?No more toxic players and keeping cheaters out KAPPA. The H1Z1 community at large? TIMEFRAME: Is the use of these Hosted Games for a one-time tournament or on-going initiatives?These games will go on from 4:30 to 7:30 HOSTED GAME USAGE: Fun Games Do you plan to use Hosted Games daily,yes weekly,no monthly,no single-use? no EXPECTED PLAYERS:60 players hopefully. How many players do you think will play on any given Hosted Game on a per-match basis? 45 How did you come up with that number?viewers/other games i played. HOSTED GAME PROMOTION: Are your Hosted Games locked to your community or will you open it up to others? locked. How will you promote the Hosted Games and maintain momentum? Twitter tweets and twitch. HOSTED GAME-ACCESS KEYS: Hosted Games require that a unique key be distributed to each player. What is your plan for distributing keys? Free first then if we get more players we will make it sub only with those players keeping there key. How many will you give out initially? 250. How many keys are you requesting?400 RULES& MODERATORS: How will you manage your community? Through discord chat. Will they have to abide by certain rules to play on a Hosted Game? Yes. Will you have moderators or people to fly around as live spectators of a match? If so, how many?10mod keys 20 spec keys. OTHER QUALIFICATIONS & QUESTIONS: What else should we know about the proposed program, about you, or about your community? We will not support any bad word/Hard N or being toxic