Penalty to jumping players

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Maggwar, May 8, 2019.

  1. Maggwar Member

    Its needed a penalty to ballerinas and jumping players with shotguns its becoming a ridiculous gameplay. Is this fortshi7 or h1z1 get this added to next update or add some more dificulty at aiming and jumping spam.
  2. Dave New Member

    Seriously? You’re complaining about jumping??? My lord. I thought I had seen it all. It’s a strategy. It’s a technique. I suppose everyone should just stand still and let you shoot them in the face.
  3. TheDrizzle22 Member

    I love you Dave. Took the words right out of my mouth my dude.
  4. vhdustin Member

    bunny hoppers are cool
  5. TheDrizzle22 Member

  6. LucaBrasi Member

    Word for word what I was going to say.
  7. Maggwar Member

    You must be a ballerinas its just plaing fake *** fortnite bs if you support this kinda gameplay i guess u guys use this meta to rank like rat boys nowadays. This mecanics is way to op on high pingers i seen it. Not fair if you keep distance and... ''strategy'' looks more like jump and try hard which sucks boys
  8. AlhpaBravos Member

    I love turning up to a fight where both players are jumping around trying to hit each other for 5 mins. I just shoot them both with a rifle. Its an idiotic mechanic imo because you can only do it with the shotgun. Keep the jump but increase the spread on those who do it.
  9. MechAArmA Member

    Yeah that is a ridiculous / funny situation , sometimes im driving around and i can hear that sh.. going on , i just get closer and watch the whole pityful situation , two people jumping like idiots , sometimes that thing can keep going for 20 seconds , that's crazy , they should be doing that to jump / hipfire or make all the guns viable on hipfire so our nationals records / bot slayers guys can get down on Earth and finally understand they've only been abusing a ridiculous meta the whole time .

    This game isn't requiring a concrete "skill" at this day , i mean ask yourself guys , why almost half of the kills are made with Riot / Combat shotgun , it's not a coincidence , i mean come on , when i use M40 , sometimes i need to shot at the ennemy 3 times , it is sad because regarding the power of that sniper it is perfectly balanced , but apparently we can't say that for all guns .
  10. lPolitics Member

    jumping was never an issue, I agree dave.
  11. LucaBrasi Member

    I don't "support" it, I just don't care if people are jumping around. Once i realize someone is a "jumper " i adjust accordingly. The thread was about penalizing people who jump which I don't agree with penalizing anyone who isn't cheating.... even if jumping is dumb
  12. MechAArmA Member

    Ask yourself the good questions Dave ,

    Here's why people are complaining about jumping , it may be clear and obvious for certain people but apparently not for all so here it is :

    Take 2 players with hellfire , let them on the floor , they are shooting at each other , if the distance between them if of 10 meters let's say , then everything should be ok and the fight should end quickly if they have enough ammunitions and they are decent at aiming .

    Now take these guys , and ask them to shoot , it's gonna be different , the point of that is shotgun aren't affected by hipfire and jumping , where ALL the people do , forcing players to necessarily play with a shotgun , i mean i don't care about using one , but that Meta is totally not based on skill in any way and create unbalancements in the game , if we are asking for balancements it's not for our own confort , it's only to get a game working and fullfilling lobbies .

    Once playerbase will be empty re ask yourself what was wrong about it and why people are only doing that with specific guns .
  13. 2high2die420 Member

    People will literally find a reason to ***** no matter what, stop crying and adapt. I remember playing one of the old call of duties and I was told only noobs use attachments on their guns lol. Some of these kids need to make their own game to play by themselves as that is the only way you are going to get everything you want. This is a prime example of why bugs don’t get fixed because people bring up random stuff like this lmao
  14. MechAArmA Member

    You shouldn't be generalizating things like that , COD has nothing in common with H1Z1 exept you played both lol .
    You are just pointing things without any explanations , argumentation , nothing , it's just proving you are against that but you can't litteraly explain why , reminding me so much of how much you guys would cry if that gun get balanced , ironical when you are talking about adaptation , actually i got no problems at all with Shotgun , some people are here to get the game fixed / balanced lmao
  15. lPolitics Member

    LMAO, tryhard antics eh.
  16. Maggwar Member

    Try hards and crybabies ratboys love this jumpins bs with shotguns try that mecanics with other guns you get wreck. Guess adaptation is the excuse is just boring.
  17. LucaBrasi Member

    Ironic that the guy who made the post crying about not being able to shoot people who move is calling people crybabies
  18. JernejK1 Member

    I don't have an issue with jumping and I admit I use it from time to time.

    However, I wouldn't mind if there was a speed penalty to jumping players. I play a free Steam shooter game and while it is possible to jump, one cannot bunny hop. After two or three jumps, you get slowed down for a while.
  19. WarNtea64 Member

    IMO i dont think a speed penalty is needed. Its already bad enough that moving left and right fast will make your player walk. Too many movement restrictions will make the game less smooth than it is. If anything, i'd be for removing or nerfing/ balancing the combat, but that could go either way.

    For the creator of the post, I'd say using the shotgun AND jumping is a skill, to aim and adjust to any opponent is something that takes time to really master. It would be a disservice to players who have been here since beta, to take that away from folks who have been working hard on that particular skill. It would be an unnecessary hit when it comes to game mechanics consistency, its not the meta of the game either (Riot Shotgun, Not Combat). Jumping IS needed when going up against ANY rapid fire gun hipfire from the ground, your likely to die if you miss 2-3 aimed shots compared to someone who is just SPRAYING you with hardly any aim.
  20. JernejK1 Member

    Anyone can jump and shoot, but I definitely agree it takes skill to actually hit the shots. Doing this is so much easier on the computer, but using a controller, you need to move your thumb away from the jump button to aim, so it's not a big issue as few people are good at it.

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