New Crates are cool but a bit off

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Muerto777, Aug 29, 2019.

  1. Muerto777 New Member

    Just got midnight racer lambo and the yukata set after spending a little bit. Gotta say I love you guys for hooking me up and letting me get all the things I wanted this season which yall know I have been asking for since BETA! Only problem is the duplicate protected sets are kind of screwing me. I have many of the items already in the crates except for a couple and you guys just keep giving me duplicates? Thats kind of messed up especially when I am trying to spend my money on this game. I am just asking for fair transactions. I paid 60 bucks basically for that fire hazard AR when it came out in the founders bundle and got it again for 300 crowns (less than 5 freakin dollars).... Just a heads up some of us want to spend money but I am asking respectfully please dont screw us over.
  2. stevey66 Member

    I have seen a number of posts lately about duplicates in crates when people have spent money to get items they want - now that the new Emote Crate is available - I am interested to get emotes I am missing

    Suggestion - instead of the non-existent reward last 3 seasons - for completing the whole battle pass - level 100 - why don't you give players - 5 or 10 picks from the whole store - open slather shopping spree - so that someone can pick exactly what items they really want ?

    It might really incentivise players to play enough to get Level 100 - can only help with player numbers and people staying with the game to get better over time

    Make the completion mean something

  3. Punk_Out Member

    I wasted a good chunk of money on those Racer Crates. Wanted that damn skin you can only get from the Jackpot so bad, still don't have it though.....