Minimum 90 second wait time - please adjust !

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by stevey66, Mar 27, 2019.

  1. stevey66 Member

    Hey Guys,
    Recent changes to the lobby wait times - seems to have changed the flow of the gaming and time in game. I get that at certain times of the day - low lobbies can be helped with extra time - but last night every single lobby was full quickly on EU server - so that we had 95 players and either a Game is About to Start - Game will start in 90 seconds - or sometimes 60 seconds - so we have a full lobby waiting to play and sitting around wasting our life !

    Please revert to 30 or 10 seconds as it was - I used to love the fast action of sometimes not being able to get to Lobby Leaderboards in time because next match is starting - lets not slow the action down !! Especially when the lobby is already full - surely there is a mechanic you can integrate that means once lobby is full the game starts immediately or in 10 seconds at most ?
  2. AlhpaBravos Member

    Hard to know exactly what this extra time in lobby is being used for because paybreak said nothing about it as usual. It' is pointless in off peak hours where only 30 players join because the extra time makes almost no difference.
    If this was added to reduce players from early drops and make things fair then it possibly useful. But the problem with all this is that it's a lazy fix to a problem that needs more attention consideration.
  3. MechAArmA Member

    It's not working as intended , my friend just started H1Z1 when i was already in a lobby , he was provocating me and wanted to do a fight ( No teaming or something at all ) and then he decided to join a solo game , my server was like at 20 / 100 , his had more people after he started searching , so the system they made is just adding more time , it's nothing dynamical or well made in the way that it will fullfil a server 1st before migrating people over another one , so it's kind of broken imo
  4. lPolitics Member

    Lobby wait times are better since they have been extended. Before I couldn't even go to bathroom and come back without be on the ground so quickly. Better pace...
  5. RuTH0X Member

    Oh ! And FFA with low ppl, will still make you spawn, die and nothing.. cant move anymore..

    *Xing fingers* for tmrw update I guess? lol ?
  6. AlhpaBravos Member

    To repeat the way the system handles the timing is wrong. You can get 99 players and then still forced to wait 60 seconds even though its a full house.
    In off peak hours on european server theres no point pushing for 90 seconds when it only adds an extra 2 players at most. Better off reducing the maps radius to account for low number of players. Perhaps even start with purple drops instead of green...

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