Losing Reticle Entirely plus 4 minor bugs

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by stevey66, Aug 10, 2019.

  1. stevey66 Member

    1 A bug that has cropped up - not that often but enough to be noticed and real trouble when it happens - aiming 3rd person ADS - I completely lose the reticle - literally it is gone - AK and Marauder and KH it all happened with

    I need to switch weapons then aim back into 3rd ads - and reticle comes back

    2 Also - at bottom of steep slopes car just gets stuck and cannot move - tires off the ground if wedged at bottom of slope

    3 vAlso - as per other post - CNQ now massive white smoke bloom that obscures actually seeing the target especially to your left where the smoke emanates - was this intentional or a bug ?

    4 I also continue to jump out of cars with different weapon or empty hands

    5 Is it just me and my lag ? I parachute down and cannot see any vehicles on map until almost touching the ground (and isn't that so much fun with 4 others right next to me and no gun and no car) - yet I played Japan server and can see vehicles as normal like the old map

    I have at least solved the horrendous bingo at the start - I never go into a building now just head desperately for a car to get away to safety (if the map will show me one quickly enough)

    All above fairly minor and still enjoying gameplay and the new map but it is now a theme on twitter page and here - we need 2 maps in play - give us the choice

    Thanks guys

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