Japan H1Z1 has dope AF outfits and gun skins can we have some?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Cole_MacGraft, Apr 22, 2019.

  1. Cole_MacGraft Member

    [IMG]Japan H1Z1 has way better outfits than us will we be getting what they have at any point?

    i was trying to unload more photos but the site wouldnt let me
  2. MechAArmA Member

    Ty man , my secondary account is Japanese and i was looking to Download a Japanese version of H1Z1 couple of weeks ago and it wasn't listed , i will try that tyvm !

    Btw the game is rated 1 star now LOL
  3. Cole_MacGraft Member

    here is a more infourmed video https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=78&v=Wm3ZFcGyuAI
  4. Cole_MacGraft Member

  5. AlhpaBravos Member

    Wth are daybreak doing launching h1z1 in Japan. What a joke! Ever heard of market research. This is the kind of game that will never do well in that country. With the money and time wasted, could have been better spend developing and improving the European and US markets. Even the poor Australians and newzelanders could use some better server and access.
  6. stevey66 Member

    Does anyone know - if I actually make a new account and play on Japanese server (being in Australia) - my ping will go from 320 EU server to 120 for Japan - what difference can I expect to see in actual game play ? 320 versus 120 ?

    When I'm in shotgun battle with a really good player - feels like I'm running in mud and get shot even before I register they have fired - I duck behind cover and boom - the shot hits me anyway

    Just watched Kingplays in a 22 kill game in Japan - he was talking about the massive difference in response, not leading shots as far and more precise better feel especially with AK (although he had ping of 10 given he lives in Japan)

    Any thoughts please guys ?
  7. lolbeast56 New Member

    dosent matter on were you live you just need better internet good internet im NA and japan is so much better
  8. Rowen New Member

    The hit registration is so much better, and don't get the crossbow spammers as much. Less shotgun battles as well.
  9. stevey66 Member

    Thanks guys - I actually tried a game - and the Big difference for me - anything to do with pressing triangle - when on EU server I try to enter a vehicle there is always a lag or picking up weapons - sometimes really big so that I get shot by shotgunners waiting to enter car and go - on Japanese server i hit triangle and I am instantly in the vehicle with zero delay

    Of course its very new in Japan - so I got the KH early crate and just destroyed against newer players - but the game play felt a lot more precise and improved - is this what I have been missing out on since launch with no local servers in Australia ? The KH literally put people down faster than I ever have before

    Also I wasn't getting spammed by the crossbow at all - hopefully by the time Japanese players cotton on to the OP bow it will be changed anyway - a lot of players in Japan trying the PUBG hiding ambush - most rocks near the edge of gas had a croucher with 40 people left and still huge map

    If Japan get a battle pass same time as Season 4 - then I suppose I should stay on that server because it is by far the closest to my location - fun experiment at least and more difference than I would have thought (though a little hard to judge given skill set of the players)
  10. TheDrizzle22 Member

    Can't wait to finally meet you in JPN server. I will keep my eye out for you.
  11. MechAArmA Member

    I don't think so , you see if i had to go play on a server it wouldn't be the one where the game just came out and player don't know how to play , it is an act of high cowardry to do that , i mean the game is already fullfiled of bots , why should i go and play against people that don't know anything about the game , it is worst than teaming or cheating , a disgusting behavior .

    You see opposingly to you i don't play for slaying bots , or dropping **** games against 80% of static players , if not more lol .

    But it seems you are very familiar with that concept isn't it ? (Japanese leaderboards) 2 days ago , regarding the 94% top 10 i can assume all the game were 20 min long .
    So approximately 25 hours on a game that released April 19th , so basically something like 7 hours a day on Japanese servers :rolleyes:


    Keep dropping the BOMB games on a server that released the game not even a week ago LOL .

    @jgolenbo , are you tolerating this kind of act ? Experienced players slaying the new guys that don't know how the game works on Japanese servers . Tbh this is the worst **** i ever seen in this game , i have way more respect for teamers even tho i consider them as **** .
  12. MechAArmA Member

    1 day and a half later


    But no worries guys ! They'll say it's because of the low ping LOL

    Here's more of them that are probably from the NA server .

    SOLO mode :


    DUO mode :


    Enough evidences , do something Daybreak or i'll just contact players or people from SCJP and trust me they'll clearly do something about that , they won't be tolerating that kind of behavior , if no answers from you devs i'll just go ahead and do what i have to do .
  13. AlhpaBravos Member

    Interesting mecha. Yeah make sure drizzle22 that if you brag about any records in future that you disclose which server your playing on otherwise it kind of pathetic. Sometimes i play in ffa and dominate with 25 kills to 1-2 deaths. People end up just leaving early and i feel maybe i should have held back lol.
  14. TheDrizzle22 Member

    Lmao. Guys this is hilarious. I'm seriously have the biggest grin on my face right now. That's right. We are #1 JPN. Top 30 NA with the best stats NA. Soak that in a min. You want me to get banned from JPN but you play on EU. From where exactly do you play EU from? I plan on talking a trip to EU next. Maybe play some solos when my squads offline. Good night gentleman.
  15. Rowen New Member

    Wasn't this the same guy that said he has a secondary japanese account and he will try the game tyvm??? LOL

    Last time I checked @MechAArmA got banned from the previous forum. Why is he still here DEVS?
  16. Rowen New Member

  17. MechAArmA Member

    I don't care if you have a grin on your face or not , it might not be the case for these new Japanese players 1st , the game came out few days ago , who gaf about if you are number 1 , they don't know how to play lol , then im a bit skeptical toward your "top performances" since you seems to be very enjoying the bots in Fives , and now the bots in Japan , such a brave and honorable person :)

    Im not playing on Japanese server on my second account , i just played 1 game , the level in the top corner right is the proof i just tried one .

    Also idgaf about your "trips" you seems to enjoy the fresh players , you know those who just don't know the commands yet , the ones similar to your clips ? lol

    Aren't you the guy who posted a 23 kills game on Reddit today ? Calling that , a "BOMB"

    Unstead of you , im not here for my interest or to defend the broken weapons , i just want the game to be balanced and fair , im not interested by easy kills on new players , so unstead of asking devs to kik me from forums , respect yourself .

    So now we will see how they react .
  18. Brookskoorb New Member

    These Asian guys are gonna push this poor guys rectum in. I’ve seen your duos footage against EU bots. You’re not ready. They flank better than most NA/EU people and their aim is next level.
  19. Brookskoorb New Member

    Every try hard needs a villain. We’ll be your huckleberry. What you failed to see is us carrying randoms to their first win and instilling a love for the game, which may never have happened. Give it a week. The Asian kids will pub stomp 90% of the EU Servers.
  20. Rowen New Member

    @MechaArma please don't act all innocent, we should go through your reddit posts on H1Z1 to see how you really feel about daybreak. You ain't as much as a troll on the forums here since you already got banned once and got lucky they opened a new forum.

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