H1Z1 NEEDS option to use button bindings for optimal play

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by AlhpaBravos, Feb 13, 2019.

  1. AlhpaBravos Member

    For example, having to take your hand of analogue stick to cycle through grenades can be a death sentence or is just generally very unintuitive. Holding down L1 brings up weapon wheel right. Well i suggest a key binding where you hold down L1 and then R1 to bring up the grenade wheel.
    There are other examples that would be useful but end of day, its all about setting things up for personal preference.
  2. Broken_mike New Member

    Agree!!! The game looks stupid
  3. kdot Member

    Check you PS4 accessibility settings. Thats the option I use since we can't customize in game controls.
  4. XxSiegeBanditxX New Member

    No that is stupid. It's simple just process press/hold r1.
  5. kdot Member

    Not everyone plays the same way you do bro cmon….
  6. Carmen696 Member

    actually the grenade wheel should be visible in the corner of the screen at all times or at least have an option to do so. maybe a smaller version of it since it is kinda akward to use. hate frantically scrolling through searching for the right one in the middle of a fight.

    Also option to aim and shoot with L1 And R1 like CoD has would be very much appreciated. Would make it easier to shoot faster with single fire weapons like AR15.
  7. kdot Member

    Correct !!
  8. Maggwar Member

    Thats a xbox setting on L1L2 no functional here. Vicibility of a wheel its more helpful. We need is a fix in terrain bumps with quads that hilarious jumping flips and hurts no good in the game.