Ground crates... Looting changes..

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by TyrellCorp, Aug 3, 2019.

  1. TyrellCorp New Member

    I don't like this new ground crate system that only provides two weapons now. The system before allowed you to scavenge and possibly get something worth it. This system requires everyone to get to airdrops for weapons. The problem with this system is that the map is so small that the air drops have become a cluster ****. The time to die (even with armor) is ridiculous now. You die instantly. So it's ridiculous to even find an air drop without getting curb stomped by vultures. This completely ruins the game for me.

    What exactly is so fun about dropping in with 7 other people in the same small area? It's not fun getting killed with no weapons/killing defenseless opponents on the initial drop.
  2. Punk_Out Member

    I would like it if people were a bit more spread out when parachuting in. I think having a larger starting circle might help that but the map is just to small now.

    It's literally a bloodbath for people who don't know the map or don't know how to loot. Especially in Blackberry, it is the most intense bunch of madness I have ever seen. Literally watching players running around like chickens with their heads cut off. It's like shooting fish in a barrel once you have a gun. If you get everything you need right away you're a tank. I left that spot with 4 kills and my teammate had 7. And that was in less then 5 minutes. It was a total sh*t show!

    Blackberry is a joke...a lazy excuse of a map. Great place to get rid of scrubs, noobs, and those once in awhile thirsty fools that end up getting recked because they did not stick with there team or didn't loot enough and let the red helmets take them out! Some serious improvements are going to have to be put into affect to ballance the playing field.

    I don't mind the military crate changes, still descent gear. I can kill with all the guns it provides so I don't complain or ignore anything from them. Hell you got to grab it to survive and that is one thing I like. Use what you got to stay alive and go for that win. That is the H1Z1 way, if you don't like that go play Fortnite or those easier Battle Royale games.