Game team aren’t “up to scratch”

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by User543378447, Jun 8, 2019.

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    Ever been lied to by the game team? I have... told falling through ground never been reported (lol)
    Anyone notice the bug report section in this forum does not receive any mod input?
    How come the players are leaving, venting frustration and claiming “developers don’t care”
    Well I think it’s because the entire game team have dropped the ball, perhaps not even playing the game!

    I recently purchased a battle pass but didn’t get all the items included in the offer so I put in a ticket asking for them. The initial reply was a request for proof and my PSN ID (already given the 1st time) so I replied as best I could, I mean how was I supposed to send a screenshot of the offer once it was purchased it disappeared also no where to upload an image? Really my reply was more of an angry demand to fix me up tbh.
    Anyway the point of this post is to show how players are treated so I’ll get into it... included in the offer was 4 Master crates & 6 Master coins which I didn’t receive so I persisted they needed to sort it out. The reply to that was from THUNDERHEAD and he wrote that there are no Master crates or coins in the offer and sorry the reply isn’t what I wanted to hear. He also wrote if I could prove otherwise to send a link.

    I’ve posted a tiny link URL of the season 4 season rewards offer for 500 crowns here;

    No wonder people are frustrated - the team just tell us lies, tell us we’re wrong and don’t want to answer players questions in forums.... ITS DISGRACEFUL
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    Hi buddy I've been waiting for a long time to fix bugs, but there was no improvement for this. and we are thinking of quitting this game as a team.