Following Season 5 testing of Outland, please place Z2 back in, on a rotation with the new map.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by BattleSpoyaled, Aug 3, 2019.

  1. BattleSpoyaled New Member

    There's nothing wrong with variety. It's a reason I respect PUBG's system. I understand that Z2 will still be available for select Arcade modes in the future, but I would love to see it again in the regular rotation. I'm aware the dev's are keeping a close eye on player feedback, and from what I've seen on Twitter/reddit, seems like many would prefer to have both maps in the rotation.

    Outland, is pretty much our version of PUBG's Sanhok. So, a more faster Battle Royale experience. Which is fine. But being that both maps offer extremely different experiences, we should have our more tactical map (Z2) alongside Outland, to balance things out I'm even wondering if Outland should have the player count reduced.

    It's understandable they want the player base to spend their time in Outland, so the dev's can continue tuning, fixing, etc. Hence, removing Z2 entirely. Something we have to deal with, since PlayStation does not offer a test server environment. But 3 months should be plenty of time. I would hope at that point, both maps will be made available for all modes. Or at the least, an in game survey be given.
  2. TyrellCorp New Member

    I'm hoping they either reduce the player count to 75 or widen the parachute player spread at the beginning. Have the entire map inside the circle at the beginning for a minute or two and then have it start reducing the area size in random directions each game.
  3. BattleSpoyaled New Member

    Exactly. Before any reduction to player count (75 does seem good) I think the entire map being playable prior to the first circle, is something they should try first. Especially with the increase in vehicles, seems like a no brainier.
  4. stevey66 Member

    Well said - the original map has to be made available to give players the choice - as you say the experience plays very differently - I am missing the old map and would play both - if I want to go for high kill games I would go for original map - come on Devs this is starting to emerge through twitter pages and here as the strong view - give us all content and the option
  5. BattleSpoyaled New Member

    I know there basis and reasoning for removing Z2, was to make sure they gather as much data on Outland as possible. To thoroughly iron out all the kinks/bugs, etc. But after playing it for a few days, there may be some bugs here and there, but it seems stable enough.

    As much as I'd like my (communities) request to be based around loving the more urban aesthetic of the missing map, it really is just too much of a game changer. Perhaps if they went with a 6/6 or 8/8 size, I'd be more forgiving.

    Well, I've never really been one to participate in the Arcade events, but if that's slated to be where the old map will be playable, those events can't come soon enough! And I'm wondering if they see an increase in Arcade player counts, because of that.
  6. 2high2die420 Member

    Hell no to reducing players, if you do t like the early game chaos pull your shoot and go to the outskirts nobody wants less people on the map
  7. Menacemastrz Member

    Yeah, you do have that choice. Land where no one is it’s simple. I change it up every once in a while depending if I wanna give them the early match a$$whippin! Lol