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  1. RuTH0X Member

    It is a joke.. I think...

    Half of the time, when I spawn after death, I have 2 weapons, no more room in my bag, and not able to pick a military backpack..

    Have a nice day..
  2. Maggwar Member

    This is old its a random thing get use to it. I have survive long in this setup just keep changing guns and trowing stuff
  3. RuTH0X Member

    It wasnt that often, you had to wait before looking at your guns.. now, it's just almost always like this..
  4. CARLOSproduce New Member

    Someone posted a semi-solution somewhere. If you press the respawn button "x" too many times (or too soon), you are more likely to be spawned with two weapons. I can confirm this with my own experience.

    *Try waiting until 3 on the respawn timer before pressing "x"
  5. Jcon115 Member

    This bug also happens in combat training.
  6. Jcon115 Member

    Thanks for sharing this solution.
  7. WiCkEdWoNkA89 New Member

    In FFA if im thrown into a match without being in the pregame area or parchuting in, it plays just fine until I die. Once I die it wont let me respawn. Looks like im in the game but just invisible. HUD is still there, but I cant move, I cant see myself, I cant do anything until the match ends. It wont even let me back out of the match.

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