Detail of Bugs of season 3

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by Idolototal, Mar 1, 2019.

  1. Idolototal New Member


    With the new season appeared many new mistakes that went on to detail:
    -The team players are not seen in the lobby
    -It is not known when my team players are available to play once they enter the group.
    -At the time of inviting friends, it is not known if they are playing the h1z1 if they are in the game menu or if they are playing another game.
    -A dead partner in the pre-charge lobby before starting the game.
    -It often happens that the players fall untimely, some are already on the floor while others are just thrown into the parachute.
    -Do not load the clothes of the characters in the game.
    -When you pull the parachute does not load the textures of the map until a few meters before falling.
    -Do not let the parachute move when it throws you.
    - Several times players of the team disappear of the vision when these are raised in a vehicle.
    -Errors in the lobby several.
    -Mas lag in solo, duo and fives modes.
    Unplayable tct mode of the lag you have.
    And many more mistakes that came dragging from past seasons like crossing the floor and the blue screen that takes you out of the game.
    I hope they solve these errors quickly because in this season I do not see anything new that works well. It is a game with a lot of potential but it is very badly used.
    Suggestions fix the crossbow that is rotisima, put new weapons and add a map or modify a bit the one that is. I hope that some of the creators hear this message. regards
  2. Carmen696 Member

    - When you die and the points start counting, but the sound that it makes never stops when you go to spectate. That "BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR" sound.

    - you are sometimes invisible on your screen while driving the quad or parachuting, but only on your own screen. Not to others

    - Crosshair on shotgun is missing sometimes

    - Nerf the crossbow somehow. EMP radius when you hit a target is way too big. Takes no skill to use it
  3. Chuckles New Member

    • Gotta do something about that sound, it usually goes away after I exit the match but I've had to restart the game a few times.
    • FFA doesn't let you respawn, you are stuck in the place you die and can't do anything besides open your menu. This happens very frequently.
    • Daily challenge Use "Woo Hoo" emote 1 time in FFA doesn't work.

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