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  1. AtilaLopez New Member

    Hey guys I was hoping if I could get help with a bug I'm experiencing where daily log in rewards won't unlock. I have recieved the day 1 reward but the game somehow is bugged and doesn't give me the next day rewards even after logging in multiple times a day. I have messaged other players on ps4 and they seem to recieve their rewards just fine any help is appreciated thanks.
  2. lPolitics Member

    I can confirm this, as I am still stuck on day one for the red mask. I play frequently...
  3. AtilaLopez New Member

    I have contacted DayBreak Games and they have confirmed that it is indeed a bug so anybody else experiencing this issue know they are going to look into it.
    Don't expect a fix anytime soon though.
  4. lPolitics Member

  5. NEMM13 New Member

    Also experiencing this and only got my stamp missions a couple days ago..
  6. Jcon115 Member

    I too am experiencing this issue. Hope they fix it soon.
  7. Maggwar Member

    Got ant helmet but yes im waiting to see if day 2 is granted 50xp then a xcom vest. Lets see if not im uninstalling and reinstaling to see if it fix it.
  8. Maggwar Member

    Its working fine i get skull coins and the challenge but the bar is not felling itself just pop a crate after a solo win arsenal in specific. Its bugged i guess
  9. Maggwar Member

    Happy work day or labor day may 01 2019 since 1776 ️
  10. Cyber2066 New Member

    I'm getting this bug too, as well as this, the red ant head helmet keeps appearing with the ! symbol next to it, even though I have already been onto the helmet section to view it.
  11. RuFiO87x New Member

    Have the same bug! every week a new bug to add on to the ones I already have. Eventually the game will probably just stay frozen one day and then I'll be able to finally put this bs game down. DAYBREAK FIX YOUR BROKE A$$ GAME PLS!

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