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Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by WiCkEdWoNkA89, May 9, 2019.

  1. WiCkEdWoNkA89 New Member

    In the weekly challenges the "spend 500 crowns" in week 5 is stuck on 40/500. Ive spent at least 5000 crowns on crates and marketplace items since the challenge unlocked on week 5.

    Current stamp missions will not fully complete. They say they complete, and if I do 5 of them within a match it gives me Arsenal crates, but once the match ends they do not get marked off and I can repeat completing them every single mission. Ive gotten 20+ arsenal crates so far. Wouldnt bother me much but id like to be able to get the other crate rewards aswell.

    The returning player daily login has been stuck on day 1 since it started. Unlocked the red ant helmet, wont unlock anything else even though I play every day. Now im out of time to unlock every days item before it ends

    The red ant helmet shows the ! Like its a new item, but ive even worn it for several matches.

    Ive noticed a problem with loading graphics aswell. Every match it seems roughly 35% of the other players clothing doesnt load, and sometimes theyre even completely headless. Ive noticed this more in FFA matches but ive seen it in solos, duos, and fives battle royale matches aswell.

    Honestly, I dont usually care about bugs screwing me out of rewards and stuff, but these problems have been going on for so long I feel that myself and any other player affected by these should deserve some compensation. Ive spent too much time and money on these bugged challenges and at this point its too late to actually finish them regardless of wether or not theyre fixed. I can definitely guarantee though, if these problems arent resolved soon, theres alot of long time players that wont be returning for season 4.

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