Cars & Crossbows on Ps4

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by MicBroadCastin, Jan 31, 2019.

  1. MicBroadCastin New Member

    I decided to give h1z1 a shot a couple weeks ago & really enjoyed the game for a couple of days. Right away, I noticed that their were way too many cars, especially in the last couple circles, that really took away from good tactical gameplay for me & just made the game sort of silly & ridiculous. 10 cars just doing laps needs to be changed.I think cars should have way less gas to make players have to get out.

    The other major flaw that I noticed after a couple days was actually the one that made me quit playing the game already. The crossbows r so overpowered its ridiculous. The day I quit playing, i quit cuz it was game after game of facing players using pretty much nothing but crossbows. Obviously, players know it is op cuz of the overuse so i don't know how the devs don't know by now. Crossbows should either be a higher rarity so they r not everywhere at all times &/or they should only affect vehicles instead of also damaging players.

    If these changes are made I will definitely come back to the game.I personally love the tactical +arcadey mix this game has.
  2. OzZy401 New Member

    I personally like the bow the way it is. H1 implementing the bow to do EMP damage was a good idea and it really helps the car situation at end game.

    I do however agree with the actual damage to an enemy. Maybe the box can be more of a like, bow with an electrical tip as opposed to a bow with an explosive tip. It would only do damage to vehicle but not to an enemy. I think that's a great idea.
  3. EnglishWarrior New Member

    I have played the game since day 1 beta on PS4 the changes they have made to the cars regarding half of its gas is a good thing there used to be way too many cars at the end circles. People have come wise to this and again we are seeing more and more cars at the end of the game the reason is 2 things 1st there are too many cars on the game and 2nd people will find another car and swap. Why can’t h1z1 make it so that cars will only run for so long? Each game lasts about 20 mins just make the cars able to run until all the gold boxes have landed or something similar there are far too many car campers at the end circles you kill them loot them and they have a hellfire and a pistol only ( yes this does happen lol) . Other things need improving too like getting 1 shot downed with a shotgun when you have a 50 helmet and 75 armor I can shoot someone in the head from 2 foot away but they are still alive but shoot me once and I’m down it’s these things that really make me want to not play the game. Also if people jump and shoot it seems like there gun becomes super powered can they not stop being able to shoot whilst jumping around like a frog? There’s also cases of people jumping about and falling through the floor during a battle these people are virtually impossible to kill it seems like I have to shoot people loads more than they have to shoot me and I’m sure I’m not the only 1 who has this problem the killing needs sorting out seriously it’s ruining the game
  4. herbmaster New Member

    the game is advertised as "auto royale", i find the vehicle count at the tail end of a game not as a problem because it's part of the unique experience that comes with playing h1. not having a ride at the end means death if you have no cover, circle advantage, or stealth. as for the crossbows...i have mixed feelings to say the least.

    in a solo match, ive found myself locked into a fight with someone for the time it takes to fire and reload a crossbow 8 times. it has the potential to utterly cripple you if someone focused on you with one enough. i think decreasing the probability of enountering one in a crate would help reconcile this situation to becoming a less common occurance rather than an almost certainty while playing.

    on the other hand, in a game like this it almost seems like the crossbow was tailor made to have the EMP property, requiring some skill to lead a shot to hit and has non negligible range and long reload time. it's very annoying on the receiving end but it does eliminate the option of flight and forces a fight. ive been playing fives more lately and it's near certain death to be crossbowed if you run a ride solo. but most end games i can think of end with most people on foot, so i have to give the emp bolt credit.

    my suggestion would be to reduce the ammo count or encounter rate, not enough to discourage players from keeping a slot in their inventory for it though.

    tl;dr decent implementation but getting spammed is irritating
  5. Squeaky___P Member

    I feel like the crossbow should only have an EMP effects for a direct hit, fired from over 200 yards.
  6. HvideKanin New Member

    Making weapons rarer only makes them an even bigger advantage to the players who actually find. You might think it sucks to run into players who use the crossbow, but at least now your have the option to use one too, since they're so common. Reducing the occurrence of weapons only makes them even more powerful for the players who actually get them. I'm all for making the crossbow an EMP weapon only and removing player damage though.
    Crossbows are also the best way to stop the carmageddon you don't like in the endgame. Keep a crossbow and EMP the vehicles.
    I've played since beta day 1 and can say circling vehicles are much MUCH less common than it was. If you don't like bring in a car, keep your back to the gas, find cover and shoot at the vehicles. It also gives you a better overview of the battlefield, whereas players in vehicles have a hard time tracking other players.
    Besides, most endgames can be played without being in a vehicle. Personally I ditch them as soon as I can so I avoid making Noice. Plenty of final circles take place in spots where vehicles don't even fit.
    Endgame tactics takes a while to get the hang of. Quitting so quickly is a shame, it's really fun one you get the hang of it.
  7. Ragnarok Member

    Employees crossbow is cool the way it is but they do way to much damage to player health that effect should be nurfed to a more then 2 shot kill.
  8. NoTourist93 New Member

    Changes definitely need to be made to the crossbow because it shouldn't be disabling cars and doing explosive damage at the same time.

    The crossbow either needs to be emp only OR it should have 2 different kinds of arrows, 1 arrow being an emp arrow and the other being an explosive arrow.

    If the crossbow was to have 2 different kinds of arrows then it should be rng on what type of arrow you get out of green crates and the radio crates. You open 1 green crate and you get an emp arrow and if you open another green crate then you might receive an explosive arrow, and maybe the emp arrow should be direct hit only.

    Also if there were 2 different arrow types for the crossbow, then whenever a player has the crossbow equipped and has the 2 different arrows they should have to press a button on their controller to switch between arrow types, and when they do switch between arrow types, their character should start a reload animation.
  9. Ragnarok Member

    I think that No Tourist93 makes some valid points.100% agree.
  10. chris666-999 New Member

    you have lots of good ideas to make the crossbow more balanced, I find the ideas of micbroadcastin, ozzy401 and notourist93 very good and I hope that will be taken into account by the devs, because clearly this spoils the game experience of a lot of players and currently these for me and my team mate the most frustrating thing in the game. I like this game, I want it to continue to improve!
  11. stevey66 Member

    I think a fairer balance would be EMP only - I have noticed for first time in Season 3 it is SO available and it seems to randomly end a good run way too quickly - people should still earn the kill - not splash 6 crossbow bolts somewhere near your feet - even cover cant help you sometimes. Jumping back in and out of your car is one way to ride out the bolts - if they are behind cover you cant really hit them often enough with ranged weapons to stop the bolts. It has been great to stop the shotgun rushers but the damage is unfair - both players need to have options and counters - I think its damage is now stopping willing middle distance encounters which for me was always the most fun part of the game - people just drive on. Especially with say 3 to 5 cars stopping (used to love tactics in these encounters - now there are less battles) - you know for sure someone will have a crossbow - changes dynamics WAY too much - I agree with Squeaky - make the crossbow user get a direct hit only so that car driver can use skills to avoid being hit - why make it impossible not to be hit with such a wide splash zone ?
  12. Punk_Out Member

    What would fix the issue is by stopping it from ignoring armour. If it did armour damage then it wouldn't be a OP weapon.
  13. Chuckles New Member

    I really think the reload time and ammo scarcity of the crossbow balance it out, not tomention it is considerably less aerodynamic than other weapons. I can unload an entire magazine into opponent by the time they reload their crossbow.