Battle Pass is TRASH!! Won't be purchasing!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by alienwork, Jun 4, 2019.

  1. alienwork New Member

    Come on seriously? One outfit? And a ****** one at that! This is what you offer to keep players for season 4? WTF! You guys definitely ride the short bus to work! SMH!!
  2. Aragami New Member

    I wrote it already on twitter, they break games made this season 4 probably in these 5 days of delay for the season 4 hahaha. What they are doing as a company is out of this world, an needs to be punished with the death of this studio, and no one at these studios should ever find work in the industry again
  3. DopeyJones New Member

    This....this right here sums everything up. They really thought they put together a nice package for us...someone actually... im done, im done, i got other games to focus on, i suggest the rest of the community do the same. Stop focusing energy and hate on these clowns, they wont change. its obvious they want to get away from the game so they dont have to support it.
  4. Mynameapet New Member

    I really like the outfit... As it's the outfit from the original battle Royale movie but dang one outfit for the whole season stings.
  5. AlhpaBravos Member

    You have planetside 3 around the corner and imagine daybreak will pour resources and time into that. H1Z1 might have a surge of interest with season 4 but the numbers will drop back much faster than in season 3. They might not shut down the game immediately but i can see them removing servers and other cost cutting measures to meet a monetary target. For example I doubt the Japanese asian server will be around much longer. Daybreak were foolish for even wasting time on more servers just like more modes when the focus should be on the core mechanics of battle royale.
  6. GRod52806 New Member

    I personally understand everyone's frustration, there were multiple delays to season 4's launch, and subsequent issues directly after. With such a long period of anticipation it's hard to not get your hopes up on large amounts of new content.

    As said earlier they seem to be focusing on new, unrewarding game modes, whereas the core gameplay continues to deminish.

    The player base asked SO LONG for 3rd person ADS, and its finally available, and that has been drowned out by things like the battlepass (which i agree could include much more).

    My concern with the game are those that effect overall gameplay. I don't know how much time i spend backing out, waiting for a teamate that just blue screened or fell through the map. Fighting and getting close to the center circle just to have someone shoot me from inside of an abandoned building. If you have 2 or more combat shotguns in the same grid square your frames drop to like 15...

    I am part of the h1 community and I would take those fixes 10 times over a new skin in their battle pass. I think the devs should think about weekly updates, focus on one major deficiency between the updates. This would give a moderate amount of practice on pushing updates without servers problems. I think spending extra resources on improving the quality of the game would sustain and even increase the player base. Allowing for more micro transactions, since that is one of their biggest concerns.
  7. stevey66 Member

    Yes Alpha in Japan the numbers don't seem to be there - peak time I'm getting some games with 40 players at most - other times never more than 20 and some under 10 - pity because from Australia it actually runs really smoothly and much quicker when I press triangle without the inordinate lag at 320 ping to EU server

    Funny aside - just tried the Arcade - my Dailies say - "Play 5 games of Road Runner"- so I land and see cars thinking - I thought there were no cars - then I pick up the Riot - thinking I thought there were no shotties - meet a guy - pounding him for massive damage with CHQ - nothing like he's superman bullets bouncing off - oh okay I realise as he goes for my head with LMG - that it is Headshots only lol - why isn't there a label under the Arcade mode saying what the current mode IS !!

    With different time zones who knows what is reliable - my dailies had already ticked over to tomorrows Arcade - far out Daybreak know how to serve their own azz to themselves on a platter