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  1. zeffner New Member

    Im still waiting for you to get back to me . i spoke with you in game about a missing item , you were doing a story time event and said you would get back to me on other toon . i waited 2 an half hours sent you a tell and you were gone and no tells or mail have i got . there is no way to use the help section to file a petition or in game one , none of it works ... i need you to forward my problem to one of the real gms that can resolve it . my issue is

    i removed an aug from my breast plate to transfer it to a new breast plate it disappeared . not destroyed , not in recovery area , not in any old gear or new gear , not in over flow , not in bank or bags just gone - i would like one of them to find it an put it back in ( preferably the new bp ) my inventory where it belongs happened Thursday night heres a copy from my bug report with more info in it

    the in game toon is zeffner

    not sure happened to anyone else but i removed a mortal celestial vigorous spark from a adamant breastplate using the proper type x remover and the aug just disappeared , it didn't go to inventory , didn't get destroyed an go to recovery part of merchant , didn't go new bp was switching it to snowbound - occurred about 810pm ca. time on the nameless to zeffner in palace guild hall ...i asked if happened to anyone else no confirmations in game
  2. Rynara Moderator

    Hi Zeffner, unfortunately Guides can do little to help with this. I suggest filing a petition (I'm not sure why it is not working) and if you cannot then contact a dev in the EQII Discord channel.