Should all races have access to play all classes?

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  1. Amnerys Well-Known Member

    Want to hear what members of the EQN team think? Check out the Round Table Response video:

    Not able to see the embedded video? Click this link to go directly to the Round Table response on YouTube.
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  2. Thunndar Well-Known Member

    Lore based restrictions are a must for me. I don't want to see Dark Elf Paladins and Troll Wizards
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  3. ECW88 Member

    I agree with this. Lore is a huge deal for me when it comes down to the class/race mixtures. It is one thing that has made EverQuest a memorable one for me. I dislike how in specific other games [name not to be mentioned] that have some really ridiculous class/race combinations.
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  4. lungz Member

    how can you justify putting in restrictions like races/class when the whole basis of your model supposedly is freedom of choice.

    let people play the race class combo they want to play without restrictions or limitations.
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  5. Pockyninja Active Member

    I kinda agree with races can only do certain class due to lore but at the same time these are individuals who should be able to choose their own path. Still such races could be ill suited to certain classes and I think that applying buffs and penalties to races with classes they are and arent suited towards might be good.
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  6. Grudin Active Member

    Finally moar polls! ;)
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  7. Thunndar Well-Known Member

    Because certain classes and races are good, and certain classes and races are evil. Some races are dumb as a rock (Ogres, Trolls, Iksar) and some are very intelligent, (Erudites, High Elves, Dark Elves, Gnomes)

    It makes no sense to have an Ogre Enchanter with very low intelligence or a Barbarian (traditionally good) Shadowknight
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  8. Grudin Active Member

    Replayability is always a concern for MMO's. I think I like that one... wait, what! :confused:
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  9. Dravun Well-Known Member

    In an RPG, the option to create your character the way you want is PARAMOUNT, so no race should be restricted from acquiring and playing any class...

    That being said... A <insert stupid race here> Wizard SHOULD ABSOLUTELY FACE PENALTIES compared to any of the more intelligent races to whom Wizard's Magic comes more easily to.

    I would also suggest requiring particular races to face very daunting (even demoralizing) obstacles when attempting to train (or ?acquire?) a class that is "out of the ordinary" for their Racial Lore.
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  10. Aazimar Well-Known Member

    I'd say most classes can be open to all races, but some races do have a lore based moral alignment that would restrict them. As cool as a dwarf shadowknight or dark elf paladin might be, they would need to have a heavy penalty of sorts to become those classes (Dark elf becomes a paladin, say goodbye to neriak..etc). Make it steep so its a challenge and accomplishment to attain that class.
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  11. DragonGem New Member

    I have no preference either way but it has been fun to play a gnome monk and a dark elf ranger. :D
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  12. SixVoltSamurai Member

    Well, to play devils advocate here... so far we have no lore on trolls, so having them relegated to certain classes would be silly. Granted you have the old lore, however that's being changed currently to be more up-to-date with the new game. Who knows, maybe in this iteration some trolls got awful smurt and became powerful eggplant wizards. Just saying, not to mention dark elves so far aren't the dirty evil worshippers of Inny, so why would paladin be out of their range suddenly? A lot of what we've been told so far requires the player to actually act a certain way in order to unlock some of the lawful/unlawful themed classes so I'm not sure what would prevent that. Again.. just playing devils advocate for a minute and asking for some open minds on the situation rather than assuming that what was in EQ/EQ2 shall irrevocably be in EQN.
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  13. Darahion New Member

    Restrictions on classes is a big deal to me in lore and variety. It would give races and classes more "identity". This is a good thing!
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  14. Thunndar Well-Known Member

    I'm OK with the betrayal system EQ2 had. If you are going to do this there has to be consequences. You can't be a ShadowKnight AND a Paladin. It's ridiculous
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  15. Tycko Member

    It doesn't seem to make sense to say this is a multi-class game , yet put restrictions on the classes you can require based on race.
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  16. Grudin Active Member

    I'm as giddy as a schoolgirl. New arguments... I mean discussions to have. Huzzah!
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  17. lungz Member

    but if its a new game with new lore that we still know almost nothing about, how can we be sure lore will limit the races to specific classes?

    no idea why it keeps double posting my stuff :/
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  18. Tycko Member

    In order for you to aquire the class you have to do actions before they train you, so it all works out in the end
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  19. RevPanda New Member

    While I'd like some restriction, the thing I'd like to see is a class that is unique for each race, at the least. The Dwarven Defender, the Kerran Battle King, Dark Elf Chain Master, things along those lines, something that represents the iconic image of that race.
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  20. Dravun Well-Known Member

    I agree!!! It makes no sense for an Ogre to try to become an Enchanter!

    That does NOT mean that an Ogre isn't dumb enough to try anyway... failing miserably, due to his poor "intelligence", or complete lack of "charisma", or whatever!

    I want to see someone with enough tenacity to create an Ogre Enchanter and fumble through the game in spite of their absolutely wretched enchanting abilities! I also want the absolutely wretched Enchanting abilities of said race to be the PRIMARY REASON you don't see them around!
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