Zone progression by level?

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    So I'm level 26 now and I'm not quite sure where I should be focusing on going in terms of zones. I keep hearing things like 'zek', 'EL', runnyeye in posts here and was wondering where where I should be focusing on going next. My progression thus far has been:

    1-10 : xp'd by various quests / discovery xp etc.
    11-17 : Antonica/BB pick up groups
    18-20 : SH
    21-26 : Thundering Steepes

    I know people will say 'just go where you'll have fun' ... but I'd like to maximize my zone quest/xp grind while I'm at a certain level (nothing like going back and doing grey/green quests)
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    Thus far, I'd say you're pretty accurate with the places to be up to 25. After that, I would offer the following:

    25-30: Ruins of Varsoons. Anything below 25 is a little too low to be efficient. At 30, the top trash is blue or green but down deep is still very good XP. Plus, since a 30 will be getting the lion's share of all XP, it's still a very good zone at that level.

    EL really isn't a viable place to go LFG until you hit at least 28 (unless you bring your own group). You can also try Runnyeye at 28 but you will definitely see some apprehension by other players to group with you at that level. At 28, everything in there will con deep red to you and will minimize your contribution to the group. Even at 32, there are some level 40+ mobs down deep that I will consistently miss over and over against due to their high level and agility so I can understand the apprehension they might have. It gets easier to get groups in there at 30 though it seems. The dungeon just has a very big level range I suppose.

    I would expect Zek and Deathfist Citadel to match fairly closely to EL and Runnyeye but I can't speak to it firsthand since I spent most of my time doing the latter.

    At 35, Rivervale seems to be the next step for zone progression but I'm not there yet so I can't say for sure.
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    20 Antonica
    21 Stormhold
    23 The Thundering Steppes
    24 The Thundering Steppes
    25 The Ruins of Varsoon
    26 The Ruins of Varsoon
    27 The Ruins of Varsoon
    28 The Ruins of Varsoon
    29 The Ruins of Varsoon
    30 Runnyeye
    31 Runnyeye
    32 Rivervale
    33 Rivervale
    34 Rivervale
    35 Rivervale
    36 Runnyeye
    37 Rivervale
    38 Rivervale
    39 Rivervale
    40 Rivervale
    41 The Temple of Cazic-Thule
    42 The Temple of Cazic-Thule
    43 The Temple of Cazic-Thule

    That's where I've xp'd.

    TS do centaurs and then giants. Ruins of Varsoon I chain pulled spiders at entrance until 28 when I went deeper and did clay guardians. Runny Eye is good with a good group. I did corrupted brigands in RV until 36 and then moved to the farm and chain pulled scare crows (blight rats are good too but normally camped). At 40 I chain pulled the entrance to CT until 42 when I went up top and did a moving xp loop around the large temple. At 43 I went inside the temple at CT and lower.

    I'm gonna ding 44 in CT and then move to permafrost I believe.
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