You guys thought u could solo group mobs past 9/7/2005 until!!!

Discussion in 'Necromancer' started by ARCHIVED-borwin, Sep 13, 2005.

  1. ARCHIVED-borwin Guest

    This last update applied a chance for all of our snare effects to break when the npc we are fighting takes damage.

    Sony do you think you can nerf us down further?
  2. ARCHIVED-schrammy Guest

    Snares are capped atm anyway.
    As in you can only snare a mob for 50% max. Thats not enough to put a decent distance between you and the mob to start casting anyway.

    I kited a few Tundra terrors last night. Just for nostalgic reasons ;) (those poor bastards go me from 47 to 50 almost exclusively ;)

    I even tried kiting Iceberg but once Jack turned agro on the pet, and icy started gaining on me too fast I had to FD.
  3. ARCHIVED-lancekortesoja Guest

    That snare seems more like a "get the hell away" than DoT
  4. ARCHIVED-Nainitsuj Guest

    How are the roots? I used to be able to cast from the max distance, root, then keep the snares up for when the root broke or wore off. Can I still use that tactic?

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