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  1. Dexella Associate Producer


    By: Colette "Dexella" Murphy

    Every player has a unique experience, story, and point of view, especially when it comes to games. The types of players who create streams, videos, articles, memes, and more share a deeper, richer story with their communities. That is the heart of our newly expanded Player Direct program.

    In July of 2013, we launched Player Direct as a way for video creators to share their work with us, so that we could promote those video makers and their creations on the official SOE YouTube channels. Over the past 16 months, we’ve been in awe of the talent we’ve seen come through the program. And during that time, we discovered even more artists, writers, and creative personalities who we wanted to highlight… which brings us to this moment.

    Player Direct is here to share the best stuff, direct from the creators to our entire community. What kind of “stuff” are we looking for? Here’s the stuff we love:
    • Memes
    • Images
    • Videos
    • Streams & Casts
    • Articles
    • And More!
    For answers to frequently asked questions, specific rules and content creation policy, and details on how to submit YOUR work, visit our site at!

    We’ve got the spotlight ready. Let us shine it on you.
  2. Liav Well-Known Member

    I think you accidentally a letter.
  3. Dexella Associate Producer

    Fixed. :D
  4. Ssaryx New Member

    Well, time to get my meme generator out. =)
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  5. Anaogi Well-Known Member

    Right, I'll start.

  6. Streppoch Member

    I made these ages ago. =P




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  7. luminosa Active Member

  8. Sylvain Member

    Great idea, it is things like this and TV adverts, *wink wink, nudge nudge* That put games over the top. As I have said so many times before, SOE you have a superior gaming product, and great community in EQ2. Show people EQ2 is the best MMORPG that no one has ever heard of. I think it's time to change all that.

    As a comic / game store owner, it took little research to realize that 1/3 of the budget needed to go to advertising. Clearly the CEO of SOE must realize this. I am happy to see at least some progress, using other resources (even if that means using the community for free advertising) to get the word out.

    Gratz SOE it's about time ......

    Time is an illusion perpetrated by the manufacturers of space.
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  9. Kalmaraa Active Member

    Eh why not with a few things.


    next one down was part of a meme of who you might like to see as Iron Man

    and from the 2012 US presidental election.
  10. Ealdian Well-Known Member

    Ok...I don't have the graphic arts thing down...but here's some of my silly writing...just in time for the Moonlights....

    Root Beer, Mushroom Tarts, and Tea

    What do we do when we want to have fun
    when the date ends with 20 or 21?
    I don't know about you but I sure know for me,
    I'm making root beer, mushroom tarts, and tea!

    I've counted my coin, put it all in neat stacks,
    I've grabbed a clean apron and a sharpened pick axe.
    I want this to go as smoothly as can be,
    I'm making root beer, mushroom tarts, and tea!

    There's no such thing as excess is always my motto.
    If you want me today, I'll be deep in some grotto.
    I might take a break at a quarter to three,
    I'm making root beer, mushroom tarts, and tea!

    The Faun Elder is creepy, he's keeps looking my way.
    Stroking his chin, like he has something to say.
    But I don't really care, it doesn't matter to me,
    I'm making root beer, mushroom tarts, and tea!

    The Zygoes and Brownies are all simple folks
    give them a token, get back Jarsath Oaks
    I want my yard to look pretty, you see.
    I'm making root beer, mushroom tarts, and tea!

    If you don't want to harvest and your tired of fights
    Remember to look forward to all those Moonlights.
    They happen each month and admission is free,
    as long as you make root beer, mushroom tarts, and tea!
  11. Pixiewrath Active Member

    I'm not sure how this separates the new from the old, but some attention is always good! This one is already in the YouTube playlist of PD, but it seems to have been lost in the vast majority of videos!

    It's kind of like a DVD menu where you click the videos!

    Then we have this babe. I recorded tons of footage from the 10th anniversary chaos in the Commonlands. Sadly, the Twitch background speech was also captured since it was on in the background...

    This has nothing with EQ2 to do at all, but I'll post it here while I'm at it. For all of you who likes conventions, while I have your attention! Yes, I do have a life outside of EQII as well! xD

    I think that's it for now! ^_^
  12. Dexella Associate Producer

    Hey everyone,

    There's some awesome stuff happening in this thread already! Remember, if you want it to officially be considered (and then shared on our sites/social channels), you need to follow this process (explained in the FAQ on

    How do I submit content to Player Direct?
    Click the submission link on this page or send us a direct e-mail to In the e-mail, include the following details:
    • Your Name as you'd like it to appear to the SOE community
    • Your Twitter handle, Reddit username, username, and/or YouTube username (whichever applies most to your content type). This will be shared on your bio.
    • A link to your content hosted online (please do not attach files!). Written content can be pasted directly into the e-mail
    • A link to a picture of you for your bio (hosted online)
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  13. Kalmaraa Active Member

    email sent, but i really need another HD before making more youtube videos.
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  14. Uwkete-of-Crushbone Well-Known Member

    What if I don't Twit, I'm not Reddy, the times I Twitch are not publicly accessible, and I'm only a YouTube user? :-/

    who really, really liked the simple poem above :)
  15. Dexella Associate Producer

    That's why it says "and/or." Just include the ones you have. :)
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  16. Uwkete-of-Crushbone Well-Known Member

    'Bout the only thing would be Facebook, if that works. :)


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