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    I have been following the World Wide Player Guild Status Points off and on as I try to get into the top 10 and above. On regular servers, we can add to GSP by doing Heritage Quests, adventure writs, tradeskill writs and status point items. I seem confused how a person can make some 1.4 million GSP in two days on a pvp server, in a guild of only two people. Does pvp get yet another way to make GSP thats even better then regular servers and if so is it fair to include them in the overall rankings that would give them a unfair advantage?
    Reason I ask, is I log on weekdays and try to do 40 writs and on weekends I try and do no less then 100 writs. I did 300k GSP in about 30 hours this weekend and was watching the stats on the website and knowticed a player come up and pass me like I didn't do anything in the last two weeks of serious grind. So my question is am I just not understanding the game anymore and grinding around 500k a week is weak to someone that can grind 1.4m in two days? I know buying SP items is one way to go, but you would seriously have to dump so much platinum if your guild is over 55.
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    Well hate to bring this topic up again but I really would like to know the answer to this. The same guy I was commenting about when i wrote the first question, went from having 9m GSP to 647k two months ago, and now has 8.3m again a month later. Yesterday he had 6.3m GSP and making 2m GSP in 1 day, I am sorry is impossible without spending all the plat on some servers combined. He has now denied access so you can not even look at his status if it was done thru adventure writs (NPCs killed) or tradeskill writs (items crafted).
    Today I sat down and grinded 110 writs and generating 203k thousand GSP in a 15h period including harvesting time. So unless he has people suppling materials it still would seem impossible because you could only average about 10-12 tradeskill writs if everything went perfectly a hour. I can not see how at level 37 they could generate enough from adventure writs, so it would totally have to be from tradeskill, status points or if PvP servers are allowed GSP from killing players.
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    Ok, I know no one else seems to be interested in this topic since I seem to be replying to myself, but someone who can make 500,000 GSP in one day which would be 5,000,000 SP, has got to know something or be doing something that is not capable on a PvE server vs. PvP. To do close to that number someone would have to do 333 tradeskill writs since that is the closest I could compare in one day and I don't know anyone that can do more then 12 writs a hour on there own. I feel sorry for Nieves the current world wide # 1 as they have held that title for months.
    I know this service has had it's issues with reporting data and maybe that might be what it is, tho I doubt it it could be that bad. But this is defiantely one reason I can not stand games that have statistics associated with them. I remember when I use to play WarCraft 3 and when you played against other human players they used their map hacks, and could see where you where what you where building and devistate you within a few turns and then you had a loss tacked to your permante game record.
    Seriously tho, if PvP has a method to generate GSP that PvE servers do not have then they need to be removed from the world wide statistics or have their own statistic boards seperate from PvE. Much like how Diablo ][ has standard and hardcore boards.
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    Well, that relic seller is gone it seems. Yes I said relic seller. Had that happen on Crushbone. He is still #1 on server, at least for the moment. I am gaining on him though.
    He most likely Bought plat, then claened out broker of every relic that would give points. They do add up in a hurry.

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