In Progress Work Order & Rush Order writs not working

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by Wulfgyr, Jan 21, 2020.

  1. Wulfgyr Well-Known Member

    Hi all,

    I had planned to grind out some Ironforge faction during the holiday yesterday, and walked into my favorite crafting emporium in the Capital District of Qeynos. Executor Adept Sal'ynelle and Alfred Ironforge greeted me with their usual smiles, with the shimmering feathers indicating they had work for me floating overhead. However, when I greeted them, my only response option was "I am not really interested in a job right now."

    I certainly did not need the work for the experience, as I've reached 120 seasons in Jeweler (Myst) and Armorer (Wulf). I very much DO need the faction reward, especially since I'd like to make the components for guild hall trophies. I still need about 13,000 faction on Myst, and around 10,000 on Wulf. Currently, I can only do the dailies for transmute, adorn, and tinkering for 900 faction/day (I'm hoping transmuting won't stop once I hit 600 there, as I'm getting close).

    Is there a time frame on getting this fixed, or should I expect this faction grind to take even longer? I don't even want to think about the nightmare this will cause for the Blessed Prayer Shawl faction at the Danak Shipyards (edit: N/A, see below), as I've barely started that.

    Edit: Confirmed it's still happening in Qeynos this morning, as well as in Halas with Mikhail Eiskroft and Sana Strongbellow. It is not an issue in Danak Shipyards, as those are not work/rush order NPCs.

    Wulfgyr & Mystbolt.
  2. Alyndrys Well-Known Member

    If your level is 120 there are no work orders yet ! Works fine with lower levels.
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  3. Zynt Well-Known Member

    Once you hit 111+ that's it.
  4. Kuulei Well-Known Member

    It shouldn't affect the faction work orders, that does need to be addressed in the cities at least. They need to make it so that faction can be earned after level 111. If one changes their home city, how are they to get faction with their new crafting faction?
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  5. EmJay Active Member

    They refused to put crafting writs into this expac. Believe me, they were asked for...begged for numerous times. It's G- Dev's way of forcing Crafters to go through the timeline to be able to level. He never took into consideration the fact that Crafters need status and in your case faction too. It has to do with having control over every aspect of their game.

    Maybe the G-Dev will read your post and admit he was in error about the decision he made with regards to this. We all make mistakes, you know.
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  6. Wulfgyr Well-Known Member

    Thanks EmJay and everyone else for the responses and updates. It's definitely something they missed - in my case, I'm a returning player that really started back up in October. Between the dragon event, holiday event, and a some running around with Qho, etc, I managed to hit 100 in crafting very quickly. The PoP tradeskill line took me from 100-117 (and Myrist/Luclin access), with the first quest in the BoL tradeskill series capping me to 120. Not being able to do writs for faction is a huge deal for me, though I'm glad I can still work on the necessary faction for the Prayer Shawl (I'm at *gulp* -39,000+).

    Heh - I'm not used to have to beg for work, that's for sure. Is there any other quests for adorning/tinkering I can do besides the dailies?
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  7. Marae Well-Known Member

    This is definitely not something I wanted to hear. I have a high level tailor who is going to change citizenship from New Halas to Kelethin one of these days (been planning to do that for a while now, just had other things that had to be done first). Now I'll have to delay that some more until this is fixed, because I don't want to spend the rest of forever building her faction with Tunare's Pages. Her adorning and tinkering are close to maxed out, too, and if she couldn't get those dailies either, she'd really be stuck.

    Please, devs, don't leave us in the lurch!
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  8. Zynt Well-Known Member

    All they had to do was disable experience gain, explain why, and then explain that status and faction would still be available. At this point anyone leveling a crafter can get to 120 loooooooooong before they ever even think about the moon. It took me about an hour and 2 bucks to go from 100 to 120 on new crafters. Granted that was with 7 crafters at 120 bonus and potions but Anybody that's been around awhile will have potions collecting dust.
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  9. Cyrrena Well-Known Member

    You might want to draw attention to this thread by sending the G-dev and Dreamweaver a private message with the thread title.
  10. Zynt Well-Known Member

    I agree but they're aware. It was all brought up in Beta. Multiple times.
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  11. Cyrrena Well-Known Member

    I know it was, I was in beta. But it doesn't hurt to do it again, just saying.
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  12. Wulfgyr Well-Known Member

    Good point - is there a dev that is known to cover tradeskill issues we should include, or just the super-awesome @Dreamweaver?
  13. Cyrrena Well-Known Member

    Gninja was dealing with tradeskills in Beta along with Caith I believe.
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  14. Wulfgyr Well-Known Member

    Checked again after this morning's patch, still not working in Qeynos or Halas.
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  15. Zynt Well-Known Member

    Gninja responded to my crafting post in the tradeskill forum. I mentioned the writs. Wouldn't hurt to add some more to it.
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  16. Marae Well-Known Member

    On my way there right now! Thank you, Zynt.
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  17. Wulfgyr Well-Known Member

    Checked again tonight on the off chance it was something that could get fixed asynchronously between patch days - still not working. Much sad face panda.
  18. Wulfgyr Well-Known Member

    Still not working this morning - maybe it'll get ninja-added to tomorrow's patch, as it hasn't even been acknowledged? (And yes, I dropped a note to Gninja, Caith, and Dreamweaver)
  19. Marae Well-Known Member

    I do hope they fix this. I am hustling to get all my crafters any needed faction before they hit 111 (which, in most cases, means they have exactly one level to work with), but I know I'm going to come up short on at least a couple of them. And I'll never be able to change cities. My poor little arasai provisioner is stuck in Neriak - and I wanted to build faction with her everywhere!
  20. Wulfgyr Well-Known Member

    Update: Still not fixed after today's patch.

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