[Wish List] Actual Customization of Dungeons and Encounters

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  1. Emmalen-Freeport New Member

    If I can't have the ability to create a quest or write dialogue for my "NPC actors," I would like to be able to designate an "Objective" for completing the dungeon -- kill the boss, collect X items, clear all mobs within a time limit, et cetera...

    I'd be happy just to be able to choose from a static list of, say, 5 generic objectives, for example: choose "kill boss" from drop-down, get a list of placed spawners in the dungeon to designate which one is the "boss", click OK.

    For "collect X items," let me put interactables down (right-click furniture item in designer, "Customize," give item a name and "interaction text" to display while the timer counts down for the player). Or at the very least shiney spots maybe? The shineys can be labeled "cogs" or "ancient coins" or "vampire teeth" or "foozles" or whatever. Collect item = objective/quest dink, no need to assign an inventory icon or any additional information to the shiney. Worried about placement issues? Allow player to specify "collect X items" as objective; specify name of items and the number required; then have the spawn points randomized when the dungeon zone is loaded for the player.

    Being able to select an objective would not only allow the dungeon maker to be a more engaging tool for creators than it is now, but could potentially also give players a way to identify DM zones of interest.

    I also really love Kalanon's simple "scripting" idea.
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  2. Rolaryn Active Member

    Thats what I tried to do on the Freeport server. "Rolaryns Hostile Insurrection" is based on going through the poets palace layout and finding 7 books that detail the story of the formation of our guild, while destroying boss mobs that are the transformed bodies of the Guild members, its about 82 DMarks but I tried to make it interesting, not just xp/aa/dmarks. if ur gonna be in a dungeon for a half hour/hour it shouldnt be grind grind grind, it should be fun.

    a script idea would be fantastic.
  3. Sini Member

    Definately would love to see simple scripting via dialogs (like described in this thread, or like a simplified version of the Blizzard trigger editor for the "Craft" games). Even a very basic implementation with a few predesignated events and conditions (even without arguments e.g. "Mob Life 75%" and "Mob Life 50%" instead of "Mob Life x%" and allowing us to fill in "x") would be better than nothing.

    Would also love to have a simple npc dialog creator. Just a simple tree of dialog-response branches. The ability to set a script flag would obviously be nice as well if simple scripting were added.

    We could do a ton with just a few simple scripting options to start with. Ultimately I'd love to be able to make little quests and give rewards, even if I had to supply the plat or the tradable items. But just being able to tell a better story throughout the dungeon would be a huge start.

    The other thing I would really like to see are open-area dungeon layouts. Imagine being able to use the Teneberous Island house as a dungeon?!