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  1. dellir New Member

    (sorry bad english)
    For many reason i play (since 2009) solo. I pay gold membership, i buy xpnz, and i play Eq2 only if there are news zones or new contents. Now, if the devs make a game update where the only thing for me is the huamei quests, i say: WHY?
    Why continue to play? Weekly and daily missions? For trash? For tremissis money? (I have a lot, but they are only weight on my bags).
    Why? For PQ? Ahaha
    You MUST give all (all, All!!) players the idea to play for something, even for a little char evolution, or a new item and so... and remember:
    Groupers and riders can play solo contents if they want, but the soloer can't!!!!
    I love eq2 but my love is eroded everyday.
  2. Ra'Gruzgob Well-Known Member

    Huamei is panda, right? And why didn’t you write this your message in thema “Oh Joy!” beside. I didn't immediately understand what kind of huamei this is (I myself am not from San Diego). And this is not clear to me:
    Why, how can it be?
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  3. Sigrdrifa Well-Known Member

    The answer to "why?" is almost always "money".
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  4. Ra'Gruzgob Well-Known Member

    OP writes that he has been playing since 2009. Then he knows about money. There is something else besides money. You answered on both “why” in this way (is this your insert for specific questioning messages, keep watch, I know)? Or only on “why” from TS?
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  5. Snikkety Well-Known Member

    obligatory end game raiding doesnt require money factual comment
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  6. Sigrdrifa Well-Known Member

    If OP has been playing since 2009 then he shouldn't be surprised by any of the way content is being added. This is standard operating procedure for at least the last several years. EQ2 was not originally designed as a solo player's game. It's only been over time that more deliberately solo content has been regularly added. If you only want solo content, then you probably should explore console games that are built for solo play, or don't boost a new toon to high level, just play it naturally through the literally thousands of soloable quests and content from level 1 to 110. If you already are boosted, mentor down and check out all that tons of older content that you missed.

    If you want solo content, Chaos Descending has solo content. There are the overland zones, and the solo zones. If that bores you, there is actually a clear path of progression in Chaos Descending from soloing to heroic grouping to raiding to ethereal content to Fabled Kael. The step from soloing to heroic grouping is kinda steep, but you can get there, and there are at least a half dozen posts in these forums of how to get geared up so you can do regular heroics and T1 raiding.

    This summer's expert heroics also have a kinda steep entry path. You can't expect to go directly from soloing to expert heroics unless you can find some group willing to "carry" you. Instead, you have to make some friends and run the regular heroics, as well as running solos to get Celestial orange adorns and PQs for upgraded gear. In about a week the Celestial Doctrine quest reopens, and a bunch of the high-end folks will have to run T1 and T2 regular heroics, and folks may be able to get into some of those groups.

    Oh, and if you are concerned that you won't be getting tons of über gear from raids, expert heroics, and/or Kael, well, if all you do is solo, you don't NEED that kind of gear. If you tackle solo content in overpowered gear, what happens is that you blow through it and get bored quickly.

    When I get bored in the late summers, I level my alts, decorate homes, and go shiny hunting to fill in missing collection pieces. I go hunting appearance gear from older content. Some people go to the Achievements tab in the Quest Journal and go work on filling in old achievements. You can solo even raids at lower levels if you are level 110 (I've successfully soloed raids up to about level 95, and probably could duo others that are a little higher level that defeat me solo because of scripts...)

    If you can't get your gear tuned up enough to do Fabled Kael, don't worry too much, because come November the level cap is moving to 120, and so all our present gear, including ethereal stuff, will be outdated by stuff in the new expansion. I haven't seen anything confirming it, but I strongly suspect some mechanism like Tishan's Lock Box will be available at the start of the next expansion to help people gear up for the new expansion content.

    I don't know what you mean by "Or only on “why” from TS?". Universally among humans, the motivation most of the time for most things is monetary (or at least material). If you start with that understanding, then when you feel yourself asking "why?", ask yourself "whose money is on the line?" and you can usually guess the answer fairly accurately.
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  7. Ra'Gruzgob Well-Known Member

    Yes, not very clear.. didn't want to repeat. TS(thema starter)=OP.
    In future, systems of simulated intelligence will be introduced into mmo games and you won’t understand: people or robots program, play, write on forums. In other words, you just send your avatar to do all these things in game. So finding new friends will be an almost impossible task. They will be appointed (they will be bought and sold). It will be gloomy time. But this is way and result of money
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  8. Ra'Gruzgob Well-Known Member

    Other MMOs are also not originally for this.. This has become one of main reasons for appearance of those who play boxes. Let's just say - all fell into place. Theoretically, almost all heroic and part of epic content in this game (for playing solo) is available to like people as I am in this regard, especially if I have gaming computer. Another thing is that this is not such game where several friends have gathered with similar strategy.. In other MMO this happens. This is similar to work of aerobatic team. So eSports is what makes me yawn (it's for quick reactions and not for multifaceted solutions). But I love silence, quiescence and quests..
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  9. Ra'Gruzgob Well-Known Member

    A soloer ;) (in one box) plays all solo content. I see that. The task is complicated at high levels and therefore becomes even more interesting. A loner (in one box) plays slowly (he swarm :mad: ) heroic content. And this I see. But and on heroic mobs, he wipes his feet in one box. No matter how many stars they have. Of particular interest is if when he lays down an epic mobs. But yes for epics, as you said -
    Well, if you can buy
    gain in your abilities then your character is like cheese in oil in this game. So I wonder why this solo cannot and I ask too - why?
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  10. Ra'Gruzgob Well-Known Member

    dellir, but what if you to write in this yours thema in language more easy for you? Here it's perhaps, they didn't explicitly forbid it! Some of those browsing this forum from time to time, and not only you and I, think in languages ​​other than english. Google will translate all in two seconds. Although with high degree of probability output will have completely different meaning. But for us, here other can answer in any of languages that Google’s AI studies. One of profs of RAofS noted that modern machine translation systems work at 4+ (on five-point rating scale). I even think that it will be useful for many to read more about this game in languages ​​different from english in US version. Just this is in accordance with traditions in EQ/EQII itself! I myself would often write here in simpler dialect, but this proxima centauri (we have frost all the time and we go in fur coats, felt boots and fur hats, terrible radiation due to constant accidents at atomic periscopes telescopes) this has not yet been mastered by Google :(
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  11. Seefar Well-Known Member

    I dispute this 'factual comment'. To gear up fast enough to play raids when there are enough folks who want to raid requires money. If one doesn't buy the upgrades, one's progression is too slow for most* to be able to participate. Take the overland public quest raids as a case in point: nobody does them anymore.

    * The one exception to this is if you're in a large raiding guild that actively assists its members to progress (and includes them even if they don't have 'the right gear' for the content).
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  12. Snikkety Well-Known Member

    So pray tell, which gear upgrades cost money? Because as far as I am aware, you can't buy gear on non IoR servers. Haven't bought infusers. Or ascension spells. In fact, the only thing I've spent money on was a profession spell that I mistakenly thought would be different at higher tiers. My pet project alt also has full ascensions at expert-grandmaster, with all the important spells grandmaster to celestial.

    I wouldn't use the public quest raids as a case in point. The reason nobody does them is because they are pointless and tedious. I could take my full guild to one and probably not kill it because of PQ rules.

    And isn't the point of a guild to help you? If you want to progress, join someone who will help you progress.
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  13. Dude Well-Known Member

    If you're in a guild that isn't actively assisting each other progress, then it's definitely time to move on.
  14. dellir New Member

    dellir, but what if you to write in this yours thema in language more easy for you? Here it's perhaps, they didn't explicitly forbid it! Some of those browsing this forum from time to time, and not only you and I, think in languages ​​other than english. Google will translate all in two seconds.
    You are probably right, but I am very proud... and I am pervaded by the belief that I am capable of making myself understood, using my own means. In Italian, I write books... and often have a tendency to use too complicated expressions. For this reason I try to write in English: I am forced to be more concise, given that in English I hardly know a hundred words ....
  15. dellir New Member

    Why?? ...Because the contents I was expecting (expansion prelude) arrived a week after my post. Very well ant post closed for me
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  16. Ra'Gruzgob Well-Known Member

    And or ant? (ant this insect)

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