Why even add a new solo/heroics?

Discussion in 'General Gameplay Discussion' started by Xavion, Mar 16, 2019 at 10:03 PM.

  1. Xavion Active Member

    i dont get it what was the point of even adding this heroic and solo to the GU they give the same gear that we can already get theres no purpose behind it. Like we get 45 then 60-70 res gear for the t1-t3 not to mention the missions give out rewards which are of gear and stuff we already get from the CD ones so what good is that atleast when we got SoH or guk there was upgraded loot that was useful
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  2. jbc1948 Active Member

    Good point. I have not done heroics yet but did see the lackluster stuff from the solo. When they added Hate and Guk at least the gear drops were not bad. The new solo is great if you need items to mute or salvage but you can get plenty of that from any CD solo or overland boss runs.I thought Guk solo loot was a bit to generous stat wise but doing cookie cutter "new" zone does not correct previous "mistakes".
    IMHO looks like DBG is more interested in new servers to make a buck than the old live servers.
    It also has feel that they really only want everyone to raid. I have nothing against raiders getting the uber stuff as raiding is akin to full time job. Not everyone can raid due to RL or just preference but would be nice if those people didn't get a 5 min afterthought when doing so called new content.
  3. Zeddicious Well-Known Member

    Lets talk about the depth of the loot table too... I've run the solo zone about 8 times on various alts, and each named has dropped the same item 95 percent of the time. Of those 8 runs, I've looted perhaps 4 "extra" items that were 55 resolve with maybe 3100 pot.
    Vohan drops a ring.
    Slamhammer drops a cloak.
    Siltsea drops chain hands.
    Snok drops a ring.
    Marrowgut drops a crossbow.
    Burrtoe drops a belt... etc et al.

    ... in addition to 3 transmutation stones, and 1x infuser for completing the mission.

    Perhaps the shiny collection will yield something useful?
  4. Carynn Well-Known Member

    Is it possible it's meant as an alternative to the current zones for grinding loot? Those who have it already don't benefit, but if you're bringing in alts, grinding new zones is a breath of fresh air.

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