Whose the better soloer? Conj. or Necro?

Discussion in 'Necromancer' started by ARCHIVED-Xithyl, Nov 22, 2004.

  1. ARCHIVED-Xithyl Guest

    Whose the better soloer? Conj. or Necro?

  2. ARCHIVED-Zaymot Guest

    Okay, I will say this one more time for all those that either never read ANY of the boards before launch or for those that seem to not have a clue about EQ2.


    Now, I am sorry if this seems to sound harsh, but I and the other thousand or so people on these boards are a bit tired of this same question being asked over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over.... again. This is NOT EQLive and so there is no class that is better at soloing then anyothers. Every class has a different style to their soloing then others. If you like a pet to tank while you nuke or dot, play a necro/conju. If you like the root and nuke/dot, play a wizard/warlock, etc etc etc.
    Lets NOT go down this road of "Who solos best" again, shall we?
  3. ARCHIVED-Vlashe44 Guest

    Sorry, but you're on crack if you think all classes can solo equally well. Mages/root classes can solo yellow and orange cons at lv 16. Can fighters? No.
  4. ARCHIVED-Azure707 Guest

    I agree with Vlash, not all classes can solo equally well. Priests are the best soloers in EQ2. For Conjuror and Necromancer, I think they are really close, but one has to be better than the other.
  5. ARCHIVED-Urguwno Guest

    Pet classes solo better than non-pet classes. By this I mean pet classes can get more exp per hour played solo'ing than non-pet classes. This is fact.

    The flipside is that pet classes don't fill roles in groups as well as other classes do.

    The Conjurer and Necromancer are very, very close in terms of solo-ability. I'm inclined to say the Conjurer is better simply because they have convenient pet heals.
  6. ARCHIVED-Nivak Guest


    I'll smoke whatever your smoking lol, its complete nonsense, some classes do solo alot better. BTW solo is alot about "efficienty", sure a warrior can take this or that, but after it he has to sit on his **** for 5 min or more to recuperate. A necro or Conj can simply chain kill yellow/oranges, like someone said I DONT see a fighter do that, so think before posting such complete bull**ZOMG**...
  7. ARCHIVED-BofCan Guest

    Send in pet.. wait a bit. Dot1 and Dot2. Wait a bit. Pet heal. Wait a bit. Refresh Dot1 and Dot2. Wait a bit. Pet heal. Wait a bit. Nuke. Level 23 mob dead. Pet health to power transfer. Pet heal. Both back at full power full health.

    Rinse and repeat.

    Boring as hell, but most grinds are. Only downtime is finding another mob.

    Kezzitck, 20 Necromancer - LD
  8. ARCHIVED-Zaymot Guest

    Well actually, you might want to play a bit before you begin spouting BS yourself. I have played a Priest, Fighter, Mage and Scout. I wanted to see how they all feel and played. I can tell you this, if you actually learned how to play the game and learned your character and their abilities you would know that EVERY CLASS can solo just as well as others. As for the comment about a fighter not being able to solo a yellow/orange, I can and have!!! You need to do TWO things to do it. One, upgrade all your armor and weapons. Secondly, actually know what the hell you are doing. Also, some one said that after a fight a fighter would need to wait 5 minutes to recoup. Sorry, but you should learn to tell time. The most it ever took me to regen to full was about 3 minutes and that was because I did not know about eating and drinking. Once I learned to set it to auto-drink and auto-eat it has never taken me more then 2 minutes to regen to full.


    What you need to do though is keep your gear updated and to actually LEARN your class and abilities.

    So those thinking I am smoking something....I don't smoke. I just know what the hell I am talkling about, unlike you all.
  9. ARCHIVED-Vlashe44 Guest

    We are not talking about the ability to solo a (solo) tagged mob.... yes, anyone can solo those.

    Im talking about Group encounters. Can a fighter solo a 3 mob group? No way in hell, and don't tell me you can. without a form of crowd control, you just cant take getting hit by 3 mobs at once no matter the con.
  10. ARCHIVED-Nhilist Guest

    I am curious, on the kill, buff recycle metaphore mentioned above, the attempt to solo is always on solo individual mobs...or are you having any luck at all on lower conning grouped mobs?
  11. ARCHIVED-Nivak Guest


    Every class can solo.... that I agree on.
    As Well as any other... plain bull**ZOMG**, some classes do solo better regardless of class knowlegde, your the one making yourself look like an idiot stating such things pal. The post creator has a right to ask what class can solo better then another, we dont need you to softly attack him and telling him he shouldnt post such things, who are you to say such things.
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  12. ARCHIVED-SyGreenblum Guest

    I don't buy every class can solo as well. My rogue has a much more difficult time soloing than my brawler...even if I use the cheap shot / sneak attack combo on the rogue, open with ambush, and use HOs. The brawler is much better in a solo fight and can stand up to the damage delt better than the rogue. Even on Isle of Refuge, the nukers could burn through enemies faster than the melees just because they did more damage and could do it from range. Who cares what kind of armor you have if a mob is dead literally before it gets to you? Really though, if you are looking for a game you can sink your teeth into soloing with maybe WoW or CoH is more up your alley. This game definitely is more group centric and soloing looks like it is just the side show.

    Now, with all appologies to the OP: I have no idea. I only have a level 11 summoner alt.
  13. ARCHIVED-djtool1974 Guest

    A summoner...maybe a mage could probably solo a higher con mob better...I can see that.

    However they get chewed up quick as hell if they were to take a group of greens even.

    So perhaps it does all balance out...
  14. ARCHIVED-Aeriez Guest

    so instead of arguing a seemingly impossible to prove conversation im just gonna go ahead and talk on the first post. sure conjurors would seem like the better soloer considering they have higher nukes and there pets do a ton more dmg however they have more downtime than a necro would have so time wise its mostly even.

    in a group however i would probably say a conjuror would be much better to have over a necro due to there burst dmg capabilities and of course the fact that there pet works mobs better than the tank for the most part. i personally wouldnt mind going the conj route however all my friends are darks so ill just stick w/ the subtle decrease in dps to stick w/ them :) plus the ability to FD in a bad encounter then rez the healer is a very helpfull ability.

    all in all i just think that the 2 classes are pretty evenly balanced ;)

    and im gonna go ahead and agree w/ ol' boy up there. all classes can solo just as well. the styles may be a bit different but if u know how to play the game it shouldnt be too much difference. my 20 pally buddy is able to solo 2 yellow cons at once. hell my 15 bard was capable of soloing 2 yellow ^^ cons once and i know that fighters take a ton less hits and hit alot harder than my bard so i dont wanna hear crap about u not being able to do it. its all due to the fact that u probably dont know how to correctly use HOs and your skills. rants are fun 0.o

    if ur mad about ur class "not being able to solo as well" 3 words... camp and delete.... then suicide would be next step but ill leave that up to u :p
  15. ARCHIVED-Ishe Guest

    My 16 crusader can solo three green con at once, as long as they are + or ++. I can also solo two blue con at once. I am not too sure about two yellow, though I might be able to. Three blue or higher gets more difficult, I don't recall if I have done that in a while, probably not.
  16. ARCHIVED-Ishe Guest

    Err, I meant "as long as they are not + or ++".
  17. ARCHIVED-Milric Guest

    this is a mmorpg and u talk about soloing

    this game is desinged to have fun with other players
    and argue about soloing.

    go and get a few friends to join yout party hunt some critters down and have fun.
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  18. ARCHIVED-Nivak Guest

    Most of you guys just dont get the point as what it takes to be a better class to solo...
    Its not about " I can take 2 yellows this and that", its about "efficiency".. its about chain pulling yellows constant, its about downtime,etc. Its about the need to regen or not, ETC.

    So AGAIN any class CAN solo, but not equally well, period. Its just plain logic, sure one can drive from Newyork to Chicago with a bicycle, HEY now are you saying one cant ?? nope they can, but does it mean its as sufficient as doing the Newyork to Chigaco ride in a car ? no. so automatically to decide what class is better to solo with its all about its efficiency, Conj/Necro are so close to eachother on that part.

    And Milric, we know EQII or any mmorpg is made to play in group, nevertheless I like the ability to solo when I feel like it, its a personal taste.

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