Which tradeskill for an Inquisitor

Discussion in 'Tradeskill Discussion' started by ARCHIVED-Prismv, Aug 1, 2010.

  1. ARCHIVED-Prismv Guest

    Been playing around and really enjoying crafting but I can't decide which tradeskill to go down?
    I understand I can make my own spells with a sage and armor with a Armor Smith, althought I've played loads of MMO's and never got to the stage where the armor I could make myself would be better than drops (If I've understood correctly I think EQ2 is different here with MC stuff however).
    I play on Antonia Bayle so the market I'm guessing is very flooded so its unlikely it will make me silly money but really I'd like a proffesion that will give me the best return in the long run..which I'm guessing is an Armor Smith?
    Certainly would appreciate some direction here if possible

  2. ARCHIVED-Finora Guest

    Crafted armors are generally better or equally good as drops for the most part here until you get to the latter parts of the game or raiding (and some of the older raid gear is even overshadowed by the upgraded crafted gear).
    Were it me, I'd make a sage. Reason being you need a lot more spells as you level than armor pieces. And on my server spells seem to be pricer on the broker than armor pieces.
    I've also made more coin on my sage than I ever did on my armorer. I can even sell the journeyman(common) spells with my sage. I rarely sell common gear on my armorer. Different server though so different market, could be there is a bigger market for armor on AB since it's a much bigger server.
    =) If you have the time or inclination you can always do both. All my chars have a craft. So if you roll up an alt...
  3. ARCHIVED-Kamimura Guest

    Well, my inquisitor is an armorer... but, I also have a sage. ;) With the sage, spell upgrades seem to come in handy more often, and they're very quick to level. However, I don't know about your server, but on mine it is much easier to find a sage. Armorers are harder to come by, so that's something to consider. (May want to ask around and see what your server is like.)

    You can always roll an alt and tradeskill with them, or look for a good guild that supports crafters so you'll have an easier time getting what you need, but can't make yourself.
  4. ARCHIVED-yzyh Guest

    armorer, sage (make your own spell), jeweler (make your own jewelry) weaponsmither wouldnt be bad either, actualy provisoner would be pretty good too.
    Well in the end you dont have it easyer if you can makie it yourself or ask a guildy. The only real advantage of beeing a crafter is it allow you to do tinkering but I hear that you don,t need to be a crafter anymore.

    Provisoner is just plain easy and cheap and all of your toon can make use of everything you will craft then you can always aska guildy to craft you the armor,spelll,ring that you need.
  5. ARCHIVED-Skywarrior Guest

    Lots of "it depends" to answer this. If your Inquisitor is going to be your main played adventurer and you are only going to level one tradeskill, then sage is probably the way to go. You only need 6 MC armor pieces every 10 levels but there are generally around 20ish spells to upgrade each tier, if you choose to do so. If you don't know what you are going to play as a main yet and/or you plan on doing more than one trade then really it doesn't much matter. Your first tradeskiller should probably be a scholar of some sort though, simply due to usefulness and ease of leveling.
  6. ARCHIVED-Prismv Guest

    Thanks very helpfull will go with the Sage I think

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